Jason’s 24th Birthday at Fest-of-Ale

April 17, 2007

This past weekend Me, Michaela and Jason headed to beautiful Penticton for a weekend of… well, a weekend of drinking. It was a surprise for Jason, as we just started driving without telling him where we were going.

We stayed at the Lakeside Hotel & Casino, and we had a great room. As you’ll see in the pictures, we had a great view from our deck, and some of the pictures turned out pretty good. Jason also brought along his Canon digital SLR, and got some pretty awesome photos.

We went to Penticton’s annual beer tasting event called “Fest-of-Ale”. This was a blast!! You pay $20 to get in, and you get a cool little glass. There were probably 20-30 different beer/cooler/cider companies there in all. You then buy tokens ($1 each), and you can go to any of the booths and get a class of beer for a token. It was a pretty sweet deal. I bought 10 tokens, and by the end of it I wasn’t what you’d call sober. Not bad for $10. There was also live music and tons of food available as well.

It was pretty cool to try out all these different types of beer that I hadn’t had before. I also had some pretty tasty ciders (which I would have to offset some of the gross beers).

We also went to the “Blue Mule” Saturday night, which was a pretty decent club. I saw a bunch of old hockey buddies there, so it ended up being a pretty good night.

Saturday afternoon, as well as Sunday, were absolutely beautiful days. We really lucked out.

The next day we came home and got to see the Canucks win Game 3 against Dallas.  All in all, a pretty awesome weekend.

I’ve uploaded a ton of pictures that both I and Jason took, and you can view them by going to my Flickr page here.

So, did Jason have a good time at his surprise birthday event? Well, he was so excited he didn’t even have time to get under the covers or get into his PJ’s. Here’s Jason at 9:00am Sunday morning:


Again, you can click here to see the pictures from Jason’s Birthday. Or you can click here to view all my Flickr photos.



  1. Nice picks Jason (and Matt – but the Michaela mid-air takes the cake)! Fest-of-Ale sounds amazing.

  2. Sounds like a fun birthday…looks like you guys had a blast!! I love that new camera jason got…it takes some great pictures!

  3. Yeah what a weekend! Thanks guys, wasn’t expecting that at all.

    Pics didn’t turn out too bad considering it was the first few hours with my new flash and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

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