Canucks win Game 4, Stars face elimination

April 18, 2007

game4win.jpgWell, the Canucks are going home with a chance at eliminating the Dallas Stars. As much of a Canuck fan as I am, and even though I predicted the Canucks to win this series, I never expected this.

Last night’s game was the first of the series that the ‘Nucks actually deserved to win. They outplayed Dallas for most of the game, and really turned it on in the last 10 minutes. It was an impressive win.

Some points from the game:

– Luongo was incredible, as usual. However, the Canucks have done a great job in front of him, and have given him the chance to make a lot of the saves he’s made.

– Jeff Cowan hasn’t been doing much lately. He took a bad penalty, and didn’t seem to get much ice time after that. He had a hit or two, but didn’t provide the energy game that he did in Game 1.

– I barely noticed Jannick Hansen at all last night. His linemate Jan Bulis had a great game, though. I was huge Bulis-hater earlier in the year, but he has really impressed me lately. So much so, that I wouldn’t mind the Canucks re-signing him for next season. A month ago, I would have never even considered it as an option. Bulis is skating hard, getting into a good offensive position a lot, and doing a good job controlling the puck in the neutral zone.

– Trevor Linden had an incredible shift that ended up creating the Canucks game-winning goal. He back-checked hard in the offensive zone, and ended up getting the puck back in a play that looked like it was over. He battled hard, got the puck, and ended up with the goal. Linden looked like the ’94 Superstar that he used to be.

– Willie Mitchell single-handedly saved the game with his diving play to wack the puck out of the net, just as it was about to cross the goal-line. What a play!

– Markus Naslund is completely useless. He had maybe one good shift, but also had a brutal giveaway which caused the Stars’ goal. How he continues to get so much ice time just baffles me. And what the hell was he doing on the ice in the last minute of the game? Are you kidding me?

– The Sedins had a better game, and it looks like they’re figuring out how to play against the good Dallas defense. This is a huge positive, as Dallas has been able to do a great job shutting the Sedins down for most of the series.

Overall, things are looking great for the Canucks. If they don’t win it at home at Thursday, I am 100% positive they will at least win the game in Dallas on Saturday.

Go Canucks Go!


One comment

  1. What game where you watching? The Sedins didn’t do much, in fact it was pretty much there worst game if we are looking at this game in the same light you have put Naslund.

    The Canucks went out there with a very clear game-plan. To not throw yourself out of positions with hits and never have more than one player behind the goal line in five on five situations. That is why the Sedins and Naslund where not as evident in this game but from a coaching perspective both Naslund and the twins were able to create scoring chances in tight situations. In the Dallas series Naslund cannot set up for his wrist shot without having to go high with it so instead he has been passing to players deep in the zone and heading to the net. He is getting boxed out and not much has come of it (except for one Bieksa blast in game 3 that he almost knocked in and a pass to Morisson that was a tip in, but was missed) but by heading to the net Naslund has forced the Dallas D to stay deep and not have time to make breakout passes in defensive positions.

    This is a boring series from an offensive perspective but it is one that Vigneault has coached to perfection. All his players have bought into the system and players like Naslund, although not as noticeable five on five, have made the difference in this series. Dallas is working off of turnovers and the Canucks aren’t allowing that type of system to work. Their will always be turnovers but the Canucks are constantly in position to deal with them. The idea is, give us 10 scoring chances a game to your 10 and we will beat you. And they have been.

    When the Canucks play Anahiem the type of hockey will be different and Naslund will be a big factor. Dallas is a different story.

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