Drunk gas pumping is apparantly a bad idea

April 19, 2007


From: stuff.co.nz:

A two-year-old who was left in the back seat of a car when her drunk father fell asleep while refueling the vehicle called out “Bye, Daddy” after he was jailed for 18 months today.

At Waitakere District Court today Shannon Perenara, a 30-year-old Auckland labourer, was sentenced to 18 months in jail and disqualified from driving for three years, effective from today.

He was denied leave to apply for home detention.

The incident happened around 9am on March 24 when officers were called by a concerned Rotorua service station attendant who found Mr Perenara slumped at the petrol pump. Officers had to wait 40 minutes for him to wake up before he could be breath-tested.

You know you’re a piece of crap when you pass out while pumping gas into your car, with your two year old daughter sitting in the back seat, at freakin’ 9:00am in the morning. Wow, how did this guy only get 18 months in prison?


One comment

  1. Good lord what is wrong with people? This is a perfect example of why certain people should not be allowed to breed.

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