Canucks lose Game 5, still lead series 3-2

April 20, 2007


Well, the Canucks had a chance to put the series away at home, but they weren’t able to pull it off. It doesn’t surprise me at all, as I didn’t expect them to win this game. However, I do think they deserved to win game 5. They out-played Dallas for most of the game, and both teams played a more offensive game, which lead to a more entertaining game.

With the game being tied 0-0 going into overtime, you’d think the game would have been boring as hell. But it wasn’t. It was a pretty entertaining game, with lots of back and forth action, with both goalies making some pretty great saves.

I really thought the Canucks were going to come through, but an unfortunate “two many men” penalty in overtime was their undoing. Dallas seemed to be playing with the lead, and trying to play a more shut down game in the third. Quite the odd strategy, considering this was a “must-win” game for them. In fact, it seemed both teams were playing as if they had the lead for the second half of the third period.

Some notes:

– I thought Taylor Pyatt played one of his better games of the year. He was hitting, playing more aggressive and had a few scoring chances. His line, along with Brian Smolinski and Trevor Linden had another strong game.

– The Sedins looked a lot better tonight as well, as they were able to get a few scoring chances.

– Naslund was invisible. Again. I honestly can’t think of a single moment when he did anything, good or bad.

– The goaltenders were once again the stars of the game. Turco had his second shutout of the series, and hopefully people will stop calling him a “choke” in the playoffs. He is the only reason Dallas is still in this series. Luongo was once again amazing, and I thought he had an even better game than Turco did. It’s unfortunate both goalies couldn’t get the shutout.

– Mattias Ohlund had a really good game. He has made a few mistakes during these playoffs, but he is one of the guys that does so much for this team, and doesn’t always get credit for it. He plays almost entirely against the other team’s top lines, and is incredible in his shut down abilities. Same goes for Willie Mitchell.

I will almost guarantee the Canucks will win Game 6 in Dallas. They are great on the road, and usually play a more relaxed game without the home crowd watching in. Hopefully they can take the series in Dallas on Saturday, as I don’t think my nerves can handle a Game 7 at this point.

Game 6 prediction: 2-1, Vancouver.


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