My Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Heroes

April 20, 2007

This is another “nostalgia” type post that I seem to do quite often. It’s fun to go back and look at what you enjoyed as a kid.

I read a couple different comics when I was younger, but always watched the TV shows, and somehow when you’re young you know all the comic book characters whether you read about them or not. Not sure how that works, but it does.

Anyways, here’s my list… and like always, it’s in descending order.

silver_surfer.jpg10. The Silver Surfer

Wikipedia: The Surfer was originally Norrin Radd, a young astronomer of the planet Zenn-La. He agreed to serve as herald to the god-like entity, Galactus, in order to save Zenn-La from the world devourer’s insatiable hunger. Granted enormous powers, a silvery appearance and a surfboard-like vehicle, the Silver Surfer roamed the cosmos, searching for new planets for Galactus to consume.

The Silver Surfer first appealed to me for one simple reason: he looked cool, and he flew around on a surfboard. Pretty simple anecdote for a popular superhero. I never owned a Silver Surfer comic nor have I seen him in any TV shows, but he was always seemed really cool to me. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Fantastic Four film this summer, which is titled “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

iron_man.jpg9. Iron Man

Wikipedia: Iron Man possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength, virtual invulnerability, flight, and an array of weapons. The armor was invented and worn by Tony Stark, an American industrialist billionaire and military contractor known not only for his lifestyle, but also for his incredible ingenuity and inventive genius.

Like the Silver Surfer, it was Iron Man’s look that first attracted me. He also wore a metallic like suit that looked pretty cool. Once I got to know more about the character, I like him even more. Iron Man is actually Tony Stark, and he’s a pretty interesting character on his own. He’s incredibly rich, has a massive ego, and generally thinks he is better and above everyone else. A refreshing change from the usual “do-gooder” type superheroes.

gambit.jpg8. Gambit

Wikipedia: A mutant, Gambit possesses the ability to charge objects, usually his trademark playing cards, with kinetic energy, by tapping into their stored potential energy, causing them to explode. He is also skilled in breaking and entering, the use of a Bo staff, card throwing and hand-to-hand combat.

Gambit, one of the more popular X-Men characters, unfortunately never made an appearance in the films. I always liked Gambit, as he had a cocky way about him, and I was always interested in his on-going relationship with Rogue. He also had the cool “cajun” accent.

punisher.jpg7. The Punisher

Wikipedia: The Punisher is a vigilante who considers killing, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence and torture as acceptable crime-fighting tactics. (He is) driven by the deaths of his wife and children, who were killed by the mob when they witnessed a Mafia gangland execution in New York City’s Central Park.

The Punisher is more of an “anti-hero” than a superhero. He is a bad ass, and although I was never a huge fan at first, as he would often class would some of the “good guy” superheroes, his break-the-rules ways eventually won me over. He was different, in he didn’t want “a better world”, he just needed to take out his inner-rage by killing off all the scum of the world.

daredevil.jpg6. Daredevil

Wikipedia: Daredevil (Matt Murdock) is notable as being among the few superheroes with a disability. Blinded during his youth, his other four senses developed to compensate, and he obtained a sonar-like ability to perceive objects, similar to Human echolocation.

Daredevil was one of the only superheroes I knew of that had the real name, “Matt”. That’s what drew me to him at first, but he quickly became a favorite of mine for other reasons. First of all he was blind- and still able to be a superhero. That in itself was pretty cool, as there wasn’t anyone else like him. It’s unfortunate that the film bombed, as it could have been a successful series if done properly.

cyclops1.jpg5. Cyclops

Wikipedia: A mutant, Cyclops produces powerful “optic blasts” from his eyes, forcing him to wear specialized glasses at all times and a specialized visor in combat. His powers may have led to his inhibited, meticulous character.

I have sort of a love/hate feeling towards Cyclops. On one side, he is part of one of my favorite comics, “X-Men”. He is their leader, and has been an X-Men mainstay forever. So, in that regard, I’ve always liked him. Then again, he’s so proper at times, that is gets annoying, and you just want Wolverine to knock him out. Either way, I still like the guy enough to put him on my list.

superman.jpg4. Superman

Wikipedia: Adopted and raised by a Kansas farmer and his wife, Superman is raised as Clark Kent, and imbued with a strong moral compass. Upon reaching maturity the character develops superhuman abilities, resolving to use these for the benefit of humanity.

Arguably the most well-known and popular comic book character of all-time, there isn’t much I need to say about Superman. I’ve probably read more Superman comics than all others combined. I was never a huge fan of his, but it’s hard not to like the guy. Superman is a little too goody-goody to make a higher spot on my list- however- it wouldn’t be complete with out him.

batman2.jpg3. Batman

Wikipedia: Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Witnessing the murder of his parents as a child leads him to train himself to the peak of physical and intellectual perfection, don a bat-themed costume, and fight crime.

Now onto the big three. Batman has always been one of my favorite characters. He even made my list of Top 10 Childhood Heroes. The cool thing about Batman is he doesn’t have any actual superpowers, but people will still debate “who would win between Batman and Superman”? Batman is a very dark and disturbed character, and he has always been one of my favorites. The re-invention of the movies series, with Batman Begins, is a great thing and the Batman character is finally being done right on film.

wolverine_origins.jpg2. Wolverine

Wikipedia: Wolverine possesses animal-keen senses and reflexes and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound. This healing ability enabled the supersoldier Weapon X to bond the near unbreakable metal alloy adamantium to his skeletal system that includes razor-sharp retractable claws.

Being my favorite character on my favorite superhero teams made Wolverine’s selection as number two an easy one. Wolverine is tough, does whatever he wants, but in the end, is extremely loyal to those he cares about. He is one of the most powerful superheroes out there, even though at first glance, he doesn’t really have any of the over-the-top powers like a Superman or The Hulk. I’m looking forward to the eventual spin-off Wolverine film that currently being talked about.

spawn_comic_cl.jpg1. Spawn

Wikipedia: A CIA agent killed by his own boss for witnessing his corruption, Al Simmons was sent to hell. To see his wife one more time, he made a deal with the demon Malebolgia to become an undead “hellspawn.” Spawn has tried to retain his own humanity while finding a way out of Malebolgia’s control and battling a variety of enemies, both supernatural and mafia-related.

Spawn is the epitome of “anti-hero”. Besides his wife and best friend Terry, Spawn cares for no one but himself. He has no problem killing anyone he deems evil, and will do unspeakable things to punish them for their wrong-doings. In the end, Spawn always managed to get sucked into doing the right thing at the cost of his own well-being. He was a very different and original character, and I can easily say he would be ranked as the #1 on my list of favorites.

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  1. Spawn is a great pick at no.1. You are probably going to get flack for not chosing Batman (my fave because he is just a guy) or Spiderman but I love the anti-hero angle of Spawn. He is done like no other (except maybe punisher) and has such an interesting life/afterlife angle. He is genius.

    I am all for Batman overall. He is the everyman in an extraordinary position. If you read the Dark Knight series from the late 80’s where they restart the Batman series it is incredible. He actually ends up killing a huge group of people by accident. That is the only series I ever came across that dealt in the dark side of a hero to that extent; what can happen when you take on the world for reasons of revenge and without restraint.

    I am reading a book right now on screen writing that breaks every character down into a hero factor, basically taking any character that ever existed and showing them in the classic hero light. It has given me an incredible appreciation for the idea of hero in the everyday and the everyman.

  2. Dude, you lost major credibility here. Everyone knows that gambit sucks!

  3. Spider-Man is the best super hero of all time.

  4. No Spiderman, Capt America, or Fantastic Four? What about the Falcon, Giant Man, Cannonball, Sunspot, The Starjammers, and She Hulk? Oh wait, that’s the crappiest list, sorry.

  5. There’s a reason the title of the post is “MY Favorite superheroes”, not “Dylan’s favorite superheroes”.

  6. Why don’t we just say you are all huge dorks and leave it at that.

  7. […] was the guy that killed my favorite superhero, Spawn. He didn’t last long in the Spawn comics, but he had a cool look to him, and during […]


  9. i hate batman8-):P

  10. i came here by way of my post. glad to see someone putting spawn on top of the list. he’s my husband’s favorite too. i’m more mainstream because batman would top my list. followed closely by rorschach.


    Wrong, Surfer and Superman are aliens and Wolverine is Canadian.

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