Too soon to joke? Umm… YA THINK?!?

April 20, 2007

From CBSNews:

The mother of a kindergartner was charged with assault Thursday and banned from school after officials said she walked into the child’s classroom, pointed a toy cap gun at students and pulled the trigger several times.

It happened Tuesday, a day after the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech, and scared teachers and students, the school principal said.


“A staff member and several children initially thought the gun was real and were fearful,” police chief Mark Johnson said in a press release.

School officials said the woman was in the classroom to pay for an upcoming field trip. While the teacher’s back was turned, “The mom walked in toward the middle of the classroom, and the teacher heard this click, click, click, click _ like four to six times,” Principal Jean Heise said.

Wow. Umm… she either has a really bad sense of humor and/or reality, or she’s completely nuts. Either way, I feel bad for the poor kid that has to be raised by this woman.



  1. Omg.. thats horrible.

  2. and you wonder why american’s are so messed up? its sad that a mother would think that was funny at anytime!?

  3. This is just sick. Sick.

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