My Top 10 Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

April 24, 2007

I do enjoy a drink every now and then (read: all the time), and although I usually just stick to one drink, there are others I enjoy as well. Remember, this is a list of my favorite drinks… but feel free to post what you like in the comments section.

Here’s the list…

10. Pina Colada


I love anything that’s Pina Colada flavored, so this was an easy choice for my list. I had my share of this during our trip to Mexico earlier this year. It’s not something I would order, but if someone’s going to make me one, I’m definitely not going to say no.

9. Mojito


The Mojito (pronounced Mo-Heeto) seems to be a drink that is never made quite the same. I havehad “juice” versions, “frosted” versions, some that taste like lime, and some that taste like mint. If the Mojito is made correctly (a little mint, a lot of lime, and with crushed ice), it can be a very refreshing drink.

8. Lemon-Lime Margarita


Surprisingly, the first time I had a Margarita was in the place where they’re made the best: Mexico. There’s quite like a slushy lemon-lime Margarita while relaxing on a hot beach.

7. Budweiser


My “domestic beer of the moment” will change every few years, but currently it’s “Budweiser”. It isn’t the best drink around, but when it comes to picking out a cheap, not too-bad-tasting beer, Budweiser is my pick.

6. Tequila shot


A lot of people hate Tequila, yet it remains the shooter. For me, it’s less of a case of liking tequila, and more so a case of “I want a buzz quickly, what’s the best option?”. Seriously, out of all the possible shots, Tequila is probably my second favorite (continue reading to see which is first).

5. Gladiator (shot)


I can thank my buddy Mike for introducing me to these. It’s such a tasty shot, and is almost more of a drink than a shot (it’s a drop-shot). A gladiator combines: 1/2 ounce of Southern Comfort, 1/2 ounce of Amaretto, and then a small amount of orange juice and 7-Up (poured into a high-ball glass). Drop the Amaretto/Southern Comfort into the glass and drink up!

4. Bellini


One of the best things about “Joeys Bar & Grill” (one of my favorite restaurants), is their Wednesday Bellini special. You get a jug of Bellini’s for $10. These are so, so good. It’s like having an peach flavored slush… with alcohol.

3. Corona


The easy pick for not only my third favorite drink, but also my favorite beer. No beer comes close to an ice cold Corona and lime (and yes, the lime is a must).

2. Bacardi Superior


My second favorite drink is also my second favorite type of rum. I usually drink it with either Diet Coke or Diet Lime Coke.

1. Bacardi Gold


After seeing what ranks #1 and #2 on my list, you can easily tell what it is I enjoy to drink. 95% of the time, my drink will be filled with some sort of Bacardi drink. There is no drink I enjoy more than a glass of Bacardi Gold and Diet Lime Coke.

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  1. Mojito

    so good, we grow our own mint in the yard so we can make our own.

  2. Matt, you are a man of great taste. If I were to make my own version of this though, it’d be only slightly different.

    The bud would be replaced with a Canadian or a Coors. The mojito would be replaced with a blue lagoon, and the corona would be replaced with a glass of cherry brandy and coke.

  3. Never heard of a mojito. Will have to try now. Tasty list

  4. Agreed on the Transformers poster….they could have taken a picture of the actual eye and put it on there….or something new.

  5. A hockey fan that drinks? What is the world coming to!

    I like the Mohito too…my favorite is at Prado Balboa Park in San Diego. I think the setting is most crucial for this drink.

  6. Okay I have been thinking about it for a day now, and still can’t figure out my absolute favourite so I’ll just use my newest favourite.

    10. Strawberry Daiquiri. So yummy on a hot Mexican day.
    9. Bellini. Joey’s pitchers are the only way to go.
    8. Tequila Shot. I don’t find them too bad as long as you have a lime. Or tequila jello shooters … hey Jason.
    7. Bottle Cap Drop Shot. It has a shot of Blue Rasberry Sour Puss and Rootbeer Schnapps dropped into lime juice and coke I think. It tastes exactly like those bottle cap candies!
    6. Grower’s Pear Cider
    5. Gin & Tonic. A classic.
    4. Mojito. My mom has made these for years now, but only in the past year did I try one with rum in it!
    3. Margarita. The best ones ever were in Mexico!
    2. Mike’s Hard Berry =)
    1. Absolut Vanilla and Lime Coke … sounds like a weird combo but it’s excellent!

  7. I forgot, honorable mentions to Blue Stuff.
    A blue rasberry/something else concoction I had at the Penticton Fest-of-Ale. Very good, and easy to order because it’s very blue.

  8. 1. Captin Morgan + Pepsi
    2. Bacardi Gold + Pepsi
    3. Upside Down Margarita (shot) (1.oz tequila and 1. oz lime juice poured into your mouth as you lay backwards on the bar)
    4. Tequila Shot
    5. Sour Apple Martini (the BEST martini at Joey’s and Earls)
    6. Bellini
    7. Broken Down Golf Cart (shot)
    8. Bottle Cap (shot)
    9. Vanilla Stoli, Pepsi, Lime
    10. Vodka, Cran, 7up

    Not too hard of a list for me really…i am 99% of the time with a spiced/dark rum in my hand.

  9. u bunch of yankee fairys there shud be 10 differant types of lagers man not girly drinks in the uk u wud get stabbed 4 drinkin that shi t

  10. Personally I would have left out the bellini, margarita and pina colada because they are too sweet for my taste. But other than that it’s a good list. Rum is by far my favorite alcohol.

    Must be a lot of tough men in the UK hey? *cough* Here I thought the English language originated in England … Guess not! Learn to spell Jakey boy.

    P.S. I’m Canadian

  11. Well, it’s a good thing I don’t live in the UK, cause I wouldn’t wanna be “stabbed” by one you real men.

    Oh Jake, you make me laugh.

    And yeah, as far as I know, most of the people that posted a comment here are Canadian.

  12. I’ve never really had a taste for alcohol, but I drink enough Mountain Dew to kill a rhino. And that, in itself, is much harder on my health than the occasional drink would be.

    Oh, well. 🙂

  13. Hey Matt,
    thanks to your list I decided to create my own.


  14. Pretty damned simplistic i was kinda looking for rarer drins other that of a budweiser beer and a corona…Thanks

  15. […] We looked up the same thing for hockey fans and found this blog from a Canucks fan who plays hockey, likes to drink….and wrote about his 10 favorite drinks here. […]

  16. wow i love all these thanx 4 all the great tips me and a friend are having a party tonight and this will definatley help us aout alot lol and just ahve to say thanx again……i love boose=)

  17. And this is why I read mattgunn.ca. Insightful posts.


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