NHL Playoffs- Round 2 Predictions

April 24, 2007

I did pretty good with my Round 1 Predictions, going 7-1, but we’ll see how Round 2 goes. This round is going to be much harder to predict.

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings vs. San Jose Sharks

This is tough to call. Detroit was great in round 1 against Calgary, and their defensive game is so sound, it’s hard to say how they will do against a big, tough and talented team like the Sharks. San Jose has better goaltending, although even at 42, Dominik Hasek is no slouch. It seems most people are predicting San Jose, but I’m going to go with Detroit in 6 games.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

Ok, do I pick with my heart or my head? The obvious choice is Anaheim. Everyone is predicting them to win, and for good reason. They are a much better team, and they could easily defeat the Canucks (a 4 game sweep isn’t out of the question). However, the Canucks are a team that wins when they have to (just take a look at their overtime record this year). Luongo is the wild card here, as he could single-handedly win this series. It all boils down to: can Vancouver score? If Vancouver can score at least two goals every game, I think they will win this series. I just can’t bring myself to go against my team, so I’m going to predict the Canucks in 7 games. Luongo will out-play whoever gets the nod for the Ducks, and I think that will be what gets the ‘Nucks into Round 3.

Eastern Conference

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers

New York has been flying high for a good two months now, and I am finding it very hard to bet against them, even though they are taking on the perennial favorite to win the Cup. This should be an excellent series, as both teams have a large arsenal of offensive talent. They also each have two superstar goalies, in Ryan Miller and Henrik Lundqvist. This should be an offensive battle as well as a goaltending battle. I am going to go with Buffalo in 6 games.

New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Senators

New Jersey were one of my picks to make it far at the start of the playoffs, but their play in the opening round surprised me. I thought they would easily take Tampa, but they didn’t They looked very beatable. I think Ottawa will take this series in 6 games. It will be a very close series, but I think this is Ottawa’s year, and if Ray Emery can continue his great play, Ottawa will win this series.



  1. Ottawa in six? Wow, that’s a stretch. I hope your Rangers prediction is wrong but we’ll see.

  2. I like what you had to say about Detroit. I think they are very balanced and Hasek is playing very very well. The way the Detroit forwards can come on leads me to pick Detroit in 6 as well.

    I am calling Vancouver in 6 for this next round. I think Anahiem will be deadly but I think Vancouver knows how good they can be and will take it to the Ducks. Canucks in 6.

    Buffalo in 6 is a pretty easy one. I like Lundqvist better than Miller but the offense on Buffalo is too deep. I like the Sabres in 7.

    Devils vs Ottawa is going to be a coming out party for Ray Emery. He is going to get noticed in a big way and Volchenkov is going to be the ultimate thorn in NJ’s backside. I like the Sens in 6.

    Detroit in 6
    Canucks in 6
    Sabres in 7
    Sens in 6

  3. here is my picks and how I have been doing.


  4. Amazingly I picked all 8 series correctly. When your own team’s out (Oilers) it gives you a chance to pick with your head, not your heart.
    Round 2
    Canucks 7
    Detroit 6
    Ottawa 6
    Buffalo 5

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