We’re gonna party like it’s 1994

April 24, 2007


Trevor Linden must think he’s still in the 1994 playoffs, as he scored the game winning goal in last night’s game 7 against Dallas. It’s kinda crazy seeing as it’s 13 years later and he’s still scoring important goals for the Canucks.

When Dallas went ahead 1-0, I was worried as hell. But the Canucks came through and in a big, big way. They absolutely dominated Dallas through the second period and played great through the third to keep the lead.

The Canucks showed great confidence and composure and played an incredibly sound game in the last two periods. I don’t remember the last time I had a feeling of relief the way I did when the Canucks put in the first empty net goal.

Taylor Pyatt, Trevor Linden, The Sedins and Roberto Luongo were the stars of the game. Pyatt has played great lately. The Sedins finally dominated a game, Luongo played amazing as always, and Linden was huge scoring his (active NHLer) league leading 11th game 7 point.

I don’t really have much else to say, other than BRING IT ON, DUCKS! I can’t wait for round 2 to start!

The puck drops for Game #1 in Anaheim on Wednesday.


  1. This was a damned exciting game. I spent the last quarter with my hands over my eyes only peeking. Now I’m torn. Love the Ducks, Love the Canucks. ha, that rhymes. Anyway, I think I’ll be for whoever wins. 🙂

  2. Canucks in 6. This is their year to go very very far. I like their chances against a team that plays an open game like Anahiem. As long as Mitchel and Bieksa can shut down the top line and Burrows, Bulis and Green can continue to block shots from the point I think we have a very good series on our hands. I also think the Canucks achiles heel, the powerplay, will wake up in round 2. Bye bye fowl.

  3. Okay I have just started watching the Canucks this season and I have to ask,

    Markus Naslund used to score alot right??

  4. Haha yes, he actually used to do *something*. Now he floats around and is about as useful as Alex Burrows minus the defensive talent.

    A huge waste of money and cap space.

    Don’t get me wrong, for about $2-$2.5 mil, I would be happy to have him on our team, but he seems to have lost almost all the talent he used to have.

  5. I watched the game in Hi Def. Man, I wish they had all the games in HD, but oh well.

    Re: Linden

    I think his rookie year was 88-89, which I think was the last year Vancouver wore the classic ‘flying V’ jerseys (?). They really outta bring those back!

    Anyway, I’ll be watching the game tonight too. 🙂 My Wild lost, but nothing beats playoff hockey. Nothing.

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