Man charged with DUI on way to DUI hearing

April 25, 2007

This article just cracks me up with all it’s oh-so-obvious quotes and comments…

From centredaily.com:

A man charged with drunken driving on the way to a drunken driving hearing said he probably will have to quit drinking.

Anthony R. Lilly, 74, of Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County, was arrested when his car struck a guardrail Tuesday as he was driving to District Judge Raymond Shugars’ office for a hearing on a Feb. 8 drunken-driving arrest, police said.

An officer found Lilly at the wheel smelling of alcohol, slurring his words and appearing disoriented, township Police Chief Rob Martin said. He said Lilly refused a Breathalyzer test and was charged with drunken driving and related charges.

When arrested Feb. 8, after striking a parked car at an Arby’s restaurant and driving away, Lilly had a blood-alcohol content of 0.259 percent, more than three times the 0.08 percent legal limit for driving in the state.

Lilly told The Patriot-News of Harrisburg he did not remember details of Tuesday’s accident. He said he was earlier charged with driving under the influence in 1998. Court records showed he also pleaded guilty in a 2004 DUI case and served six months of house arrest.

Lilly described himself as a drinker, but said after the latest arrests he will probably have to stop sitting with the bartender until the early morning hours. “I’ll have to quit,” he said. “They’re going to force me to stop.”

“Lilly describes himself as a drinker”. Haha, umm… ya think!?!

He’s 74, he’s drunk driving on the way to his DUI hearing, he did a drunk hit and run at freakin’ Arby’s of all places, and he sits and drinks with the bartender until closing. This man has to be the craziest 74-year old drinker on the planet.


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