Go Canucks Go!

April 30, 2007

This past Saturday, we had a few friends over to watch Game #2 of the Vancouver/Anaheim series. We had a great time, and without really planning it, everyone wore a Canucks jersey.

The Canucks won in overtime, so it was obviously our incredibly loud cheering (I feel bad for our neighbors) that helped them get the win.

Check out this great picture we took (click to see a larger image)…


Notice the incredibly ridiculous hat I’m wearing? It’s a hat in the shape of a Kirk McLean goalie mask. Just classic.

Great times.

Update: I’ve uploaded the rest of the pictures, and you can see them all here.



  1. Where did you get that awesome hat? And did Micheala come with that Jersey or did you supply it? If that is her jersey I think she wins girlfriend of the year.

  2. Haha, actually it’s my Dad’s jersey (a Linden). I’m wearing a Kirk McLean jersey, Jason’s wearing a blank jersey of mine, and Krista (girl next to Jason) is wearing one of my Dad’s old ones, too. It’s an original.. that thing is like over 30 years old, I think.

    I got the McLean hat a long time… it’s autographed, too.

  3. Luongo did not play goodin the 2 round he plyied good in the 1 round but he was also good in the reguler season luongo is the best!

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