Shea Weber destroys a German

May 1, 2007

Check out this insanely huge elbow that Shea Weber threw on German player Yannick Seidenberg (he ended up getting a three game suspension for the hit).



  1. That is brutal! And in world play that wont fly, can’t believe he didn’t get a call on the ice. Are you related to that guy? Seidenberg? No wait, Sonnenberg? Mitch Hedberg?

  2. He got a game misconduct during the play as well, I believe.

    Haha… Martin Sonnenberg, yes.

  3. How are you related to Sonneberg??

    and WOW was that a stupid move. That’s really not like Shea!?

  4. Well, “related” is pushing it, haha. Martin is my Uncle Shaun’s nephew.

    Shea Weber has always been a big hitter, but as far as I know, he usually isn’t very dirty.

  5. I missed the highlights from the sports shows. That was insane! I’m pretty sure Webber was coming in for the clean shoulder hit and thought he was going to miss him so sort of extended the arm. Not that this excuses him, but wow. What I can’t believe is no german player went to the defense of their teammate. They should have run Webber out of the rink.

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