Canucks lose game #4, face elimination

May 2, 2007


Well, that was depressing. For the second game in a row, the Canucks lost a game they deserved to win. The last two games have been so disheartening and so frustrating. Not often do you get a chance to outplay the Ducks, and the Canucks did… but still lost.

They came on very strong over the first two periods, and although the play was relatively equal, the Canucks had a two goal lead going into the third period. Instead of talking about losing the series, it seemed the Canucks could easily take it. I was already starting to look forward to Round 3.

Then boom, the Ducks come out flying in the third, and score two goals forcing the game into Overtime. They had the Canucks running around in their own end, and controlled almost the entire period.

Some notes from the game:

– Josh Green has tons of hockey sense. The guy makes a lot of great, smart plays.

– Markus Naslund actually did something for once. He had a great first two periods, then just disappeared in the third.

– Luongo had a pretty good game, but the defense were incredible in (once again), the first two periods. They were blocking everything, and doing a great job at allowing Luongo to see the puck.

– The Sedins have been really ineffective in this series. They haven’t played bad, but the Anaheim checking line has been incredible in shutting them down. It was weird to see them split up on two lines for a few shifts there. I believe that was the first time all season.

– Anaheim has a solid team, but aren’t nearly as good as their press. However, they have the ability to turn it on big time when they have to. They were an absolute force in that third period.

I know I’m talking like it’s already over. I know it isn’t, but I just cannot see the Canucks winning three straight games against Anaheim. It would probably be the biggest comeback in NHL history. I know there have been teams to come back from a 3-1 deficit, but I’m not sure if it’s ever happened against a team as good as the Ducks.

I think Thursday’s game in Anaheim will be a close one. The Ducks will probably win that one, but I think the Canucks still have a chance. If they win the next game, and then lose the 6th game back in Vancouver, I won’t be upset. I’d like to see them finish the season at home, so the fans can thank them for the great season they’ve had.

But who knows? All season long, the Canucks have had the ability to come back when they have had to. They’ve done it before (come back from behind 3-1), and here’s to hoping they can do it again.

Jason just said to me, “well, there’s always next year”.

I’m really tired of saying that, though. Can’t it just once be “this year”?



  1. Well at least they made it to the second round!? With all their injuries and the “flu” going around the team, it’s hard to beat a team like the Ducks.

  2. It’s irritating. To me Anaheim looked easier to beat than Dallas. Contain the Selanne line and you’re in good shape. Canucks choked bigtime in game 4.

    This is the playoffs, fatigue/flu/injury aren’t an excuse, you have to find a way to overcome. Ahh well … what can ya do. At least we have another game to try and gash up Selanne’s face some more.

  3. This is a horrible choke. I have never been as dissapointed in a team as I am in Vancouver right now. They had it and they decided they didn’t want it. Just sit back and let Luongo handle it. The Ducks were given the reigns and drove the Canucks wagon right of a cliff. Our defense was great until the third period. Even Mitchell who has been their no.1 d decided to stickhandle with the puck while being chased by two Ducks deep in his own zone and caused a turnover that almost went in the net.

    It was just awful to watch.

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  5. I wouldn’t count the Canucks out quite yet. This is a very tight series (seems like all the round 2ers have been thus far; 1 goal games). If they can put this game out of their minds, I think they still have a shot.

  6. Sorry man.

    What the heck happened with Luongo on that goal? Damn.

  7. Yeah, quite the sad game. Luongo played the best game I’ve ever seen any goalie play. Wow, do I ever feel for him after this one.

    Hansen got smoked, and just as it happened, Luongo glanced over his shoulder to see if the ref was going to call a penalty, and as he did that, they shot it. He didn’t even see the shot.

    What a terrible way to go out, but I really hoped he isn’t blamed, as the Canucks had no right even being in that game. Luongo made 60 freakin’ saves, and the Canucks forwards barely even had a scoring chance all game.

  8. I’m not sure why he was lookin for a penalty. In OT? It was a big hit, sure, but it looked legal enough.

    But, yea, he obviously wasn’t getting much help there.

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