Great Movie Quotes: American History X

May 3, 2007

amhistoryx.jpg[On Derek’s change in prison]
Danny Vinyard: I’m sorry, Derek. I’m sorry that happened to you.
Derek Vinyard: I’m not. I’m lucky. I feel lucky because it’s wrong, Danny. It’s wrong and it was eating me up, it was going to kill me. And I kept asking myself all the time, how did I buy into this shit? It was because I was pissed off, and nothing I ever did ever took that feeling away. I killed two guys, Danny, I killed them. And it didn’t make me feel any different. It just got me more lost and I’m tired of being pissed off, Danny. I’m just tired of it.



  1. You really need to get this movie Matt, we talk about it all the time and I really want to see it again.

  2. I love this movie. I bought it even though I’ve only seen it once since I bought. The message is amazing. And how great was Ed Norton?

  3. Ed Norton rocks. I still can’t believe they snagged him for the Hulk movie!

  4. This is Daniel Vineyard’s speech, right before they raid the grocery store…

    Alright, listen up. We need to open our eyes. There’s over two million illegal immigrants bedding down in this state, tonight. The state spent three billion dollars last year, on services for those people who had no right to be here in the first place.Three billion dollars. 400 million dollars, just to lock up a bunch of illegal immigrant, criminals, who only got in to this country because the fucking I.N.S. decided, it’s not worth the effort to screen for convicted fellons. Who gives a shit? Our government doesn’t give a shit. Our border policy is a joke. So, is anybody surprised, that south of the border, they’re laughing at us? Laughing at our laws? Every night, thousands of these parasites streem across the border like some fucking piniata exploded… Don’t laugh! There’s nothing funny going on here. This is about your life, and mine. It’s about decent, hard working Americans falling through the cracks, and getting the shaft, because their government cares more about the constitutional rights, of a bunch of people, who aren’t even citezens of this country. On the statue of liberty it says, “Give us your hungry, your tired, your poor…”, well it’s Americans who are hungry, and tired, and poor! And I say, until you take care of that, close the fucking book! ‘Cause we’re losing. We’re losing our right to pursue our destiny. We’re losing our freedom… So that a bunch of fucking foreigners can come in here and exploit our country. And this isn’t something that’s going on far away, this isn’t something that’s happening places where we can’t do anything about it… It’s happening right here! Right in our neighborhood, right in that building behind you. Archie Miller ran that grocery store, since we were kids here. Dave worked there, Mike worked there. He went under, and now some fucking Korean owns it, who fired these guys, and is making a killing ’cause he hired fourty fucking border jumpers. I see this shit going on, and I don’t see anybody doing anything about it, and it fucking pisses me off! So, look around you. This isn’t our fucking neighborhood, it’s a battlefield. We’re on a battlefield tonight. Make a decision. Are we gonna stand on the sidelines? Quietly standing there while our country gets raped? Are we gonna anti up, and do something about it? You’re god damned right we are!

  5. Yeah, easily one of the best lines is “Give us your hungry, your tired, your poor…”, well it’s Americans who are hungry, and tired, and poor! And I say, until you take care of that, close the fucking book!”

    Looks like I’m going to force my wife to watch the movie tonight, she STILL hasn’t seen it… Even if she doesn’t want to watch I’m going to watch it.

  6. I love the speech Derek Vineyard gives its so true!! easily one of my favz!

  7. I agree completely were becoming the minority here and these immagrants are taking our tax money which could help soldiers in the war, or fix the potholes in the neighborhood etc. it’s about they actually started applying for citizenship, then i have no problem being that my family came from ireland after the famine.

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