File this story under “ironic”

May 4, 2007

From Cincinnati.com:

A Cincinnati police officer who recently received an award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was arrested Wednesday in Aurora, Ind., on drunk driving charges.

Police Specialist Charles Beebe, 54, was arrested after Aurora police pulled him over in the city limits.

Beebe is a 32-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department. He was promoted to Specialist in 1990.Earlier this year, Beebe received a TOP COP award from MADD’s Southwestern Ohio chapter at the group’s annual luncheon, according to MADD’s website.

MADD’s Southwestern Ohio chapter released a statement today saying it was “disappointed to learn” of Beebe’s arrest, “especially in light of his history of getting drunk drivers off the road.”

Charles, haven’t you heard that Alanis Morissette song? If you’re a cop, and you win an award from MADD, and you decide to drink and drive, you probably should have seen this one coming.


One comment

  1. I live in Indiana, and I’ve never heard of a town here called Aurora.

    I’ve only heard of Aurora, Illinois, where Wayne Campbell lives, who’s played by Mike Myers, who’s Canadian and a huge hockey fan.

    Small world!

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