NHL Round 2 Predictions. How did I do?

May 8, 2007

I was 7-1 in my round #1 predictions. Let’s see how I did in round #2…

Detroit vs. San Jose. Detroit wins in six games.

My prediction: Detroit in 6. Dead on, not too bad. Most people picked San Jose to win this series, and I went out on a limb and chose Detroit. They have a good solid team, and deserved to win that series. The Sharks were brutal, and couldn’t even score in their elimination game.

Vancouver vs. Anaheim. Anaheim wins in 5 games.

My prediction: Well, seeing as I am a huge, huge Canucks fan, I couldn’t pick against my team. If I wasn’t a Canucks fan, I would have said Ducks in 6 games. Instead, I went with Vancouver in 7 games. Not even close.

Buffalo vs. New York. Buffalo wins in 6 games.

My prediction: Buffalo in 6, which is right on the mark. I knew the Rangers would give the Sabres a hard time, and did they ever. The series could have gone a completely different way if Chris Drury doesn’t get that game-tying goal with 7 seconds left in Game 5.

New Jersey vs. Ottawa. Ottawa win in 5 games.

My prediction: Ottawa in 6. I was right, and pretty close on the amount of games as well. I didn’t think Ottawa would win this easily, but I was sure they would end up taking the series either way.

Well, my playoff record is looking pretty good so far. I went 3-1 in this round, which gives me a total record of 10-2. Better than I would have expected… I usually suck at predictions.

My Round 3 Predictions are coming soon…

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  1. How did I do? I know I went with Vancouver and was wrong. I think I said Buffalo in seven over NYR, which was 8 seconds from being right.

    I got 3 out of 4 series and 2 out of 4 in games I think.

  2. You went with:

    Detroit in 6
    Canucks in 6
    Sabres in 7
    Sens in 6

    So, you were 3-1 as well.

  3. Looks like we’re tied. Time to me to take the lead.

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