Steve Carell: The Next Superstar Goalie?

May 8, 2007

Steve Carell, from an interview in Playboy magazine:

“Yeah. A few years back I joined a men’s league in Burbank. We’re the Sharks. We’re very bad, but we have a good time with it. What I lack in physical ability I make up for in poor coordination. Surprisingly, for an amateur hockey league, people get hurt all the time. It’s a combination of the pure lack of skill and all those sharp skates and sticks. It’s a bunch of middle-aged guys of varying degrees of being out of shape trying to recapture their youth. It’s a recipe for disaster. I’ve chipped my two front teeth and dislocated and broken and strained and pulled all sorts of things. And that’s playing just once a week. You can pack a lot of pain into a one-hour hockey game.”

Thanks to NHL Fanblog (and Jes Golbez) for the link.


One comment

  1. Haha, love the video. What was it originally for?
    My favourite part was the cat, looks like a wonderful practice partner!

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