Meet ‘Brother Ali’

May 10, 2007

brotherali.jpgAfter just bashing Young Dro, I wanted to do the opposite. Meet Brother Ali.

Brother Ali is unlike any rapper you’ve ever seen before. First, he’s a white guy. An albino white guy, meaning he has colorless hair, skin and eyes, poor vision, and extreme sensitivity to the sun. Poor vision is an understatement… he is nearly blind. He is also a devout Muslim. After a painful divorce in 2003 he raised his young son by himself. He has recently remarried, however.

Yes, when it comes to rap, Brother Ali is unlike any other. The thing is, he’s actually really, really good. I recently listened to his album, and was quite impressed. He mostly raps about himself, but it remains interesting throughout the album. The music has a great beat, and he strays away from “gangsta rap” in every way. He has an almost laid-back style that is very enjoyable to listen to.

You can check out some of his music on his MySpace page. His new album is titled, “The Undisputed Truth”.


  1. Is there anyplace else to get his stuff other than MySpace?

    I don’t use the site on GP.

    What other rap do you listen to, just so I can get a point of reference…

  2. I listen to pretty much everything. At least try it out. I have a ridiculous amount of music on my computer. You could always try BitTorrent to “try it out and then go to the store and buy it”. 😉

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