Young Dro is an idiot

May 10, 2007

youngdro.jpgI don’t think anyone on the planet is less talented than rapper Young Dro. That homeless guy willing to eat things for a nickel? More talented. The 900 lb dude who hasn’t left his house in eight years? More talented. Vanilla Ice? More talented.

I am not a rap-hater. I actually like rap quite a bit. Most of my favorite artists rap, and most of my favorite songs are rap. But Young Dro is quite possibly the worst lyricist of all time. He has the most random raps, and likes to throw in random words and names like Jackie Chan, Jolly Rancher, peanut butter, orange juice, etc. He especially likes to use random colors and flavors to describe his car. And he loves juice. Not the drug or the former football player/wife killer, but juice. Like a cup of juice your Grandma makes for you.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the “lyrics” from his songs. Keep in mind these gems all come from the same CD.

“Orange Daytona me and Kuntry ridin mango
Umbrellas pop out the Phantom do’ when it rain though”

“Water paint Chevy lil buddy said thats my rain car
800 Benz lil cuzz this ain’t the same car
Danger anger Herne Home ranger
I was sellin dope before Jesus was in a manger”

“Knock a nigga teeth out his mouth for the tooth fairy
Baskin Robbins paint on my Chevy my whip berry”

Ok, so first your car is an orange mango, then it’s painted from water colors, and then it’s painted with Baskin Robbins paint. Um, don’t they make ice cream, not paint?

“I’mma blast period don’t question me don’t mess with me
Blue ice blue arm Superman recipe”

Yes, I know the “blue ice, blue arm Superman recipe”. Mom makes it for me all the time.

“Watermelon Nova my trunk on Vietnam”

“Grape linen grape gator fruit fruit walking it”

“Know a nigga healthy cause my Cutlass look like carrot juice”

Yes… you know someone is healthy because their car looks like carrot juice.

“I lay by my banana, dumpin’ and punkin’ monkeys
Don’t nobody live with my mom but a bunch of junkies
Throw me the donkey, bitch I ride glaze on the haze
Gator green Chevy, gator gut, alligator J’s”

Not really sure what to say about this, other than your Mom sounds like a sweet lady, and I guess your car is green now.

“They know i got the juice
Cause the wip Fruit Topia”

Your “whip” (aka car) is Fruitopia? And you have juice because of it? Is that literally a can of juice? Or… what? I don’t understand.

“Riding in the cutlass same color as a bumble bee.
I had to man I brought the flip flop jag through.
Paint the Chevy sad blue, you know my devi sad blue.”

Oh, the Cutlass is the same color as a bumble bee now… which is black with yellow stripes. Or is it the other way around? Oh, and Chevy’s a sad blue now. I have no idea what color “sad blue” is. Do you?

“Diamonds look like Passion Fruit, Viper look like Apple Fruit.
Ride through the hood you know the Burban look like Snapple Juice.”

The juice and fruit obsession continues. Nothing says “gangsta” more than a nice glass of juice.

“Suckas caught headaches when they saw me on David Letterman”

You were never on David Letterman. Never.

Here’s the first paragraph from his song, “Gangsta”:

“I’m Ridin Through Da A I Dont Know Where Da Turn To Yall Look Thristy My Cutless Look Like Orange Juice / 442 F*ck Ridin Ima Burn Through Da Morgue Dont Concern You We Claeana Than You Home To Money Aint A Thang / Bitch Im Straighta Than A Purm Boo 28 Ashanti Ridin Tall Me And Kurn To Youll Like Drizzell A Bitch You / Gotta Learn To Nigga Say He On Da Grind Ima Set My Word Through I Know Where Dey Live At I Know Where Dey Kill At”


Ok, I couldn’t even finish getting through the first half of his album. I can’t take this anymore, and I think you get the point.

Young Dro is an idiot.



  1. wow. what a waste of human flesh. the fact that he makes money for this shit and then there are people working their asses off for 3 jobs and they are barely making money makes me so frickin mad.

  2. Hahaha ohh this post was most definitely for me … you know how much I love that dumb POS.

    Dro can’t seem to write anything that makes sense. You know you’re gangster when you’re rappin’ about juice, peanut butter and jollyranchers.

    You may have more money than me, but at least I don’t have to go through life with an IQ of 53.

  3. Isn’t that always the way. The She Bangs guy is a great example, I realize he was funny but he put out a FULL album that did moderately well. Maybe Dro speaks some kind of code or uses left over costumes from Fruit of the Loom commercials on his vehicles.

    Only in America can you be mentally on par with a Yorkie and make huge money. Mike Tyson had more money than most could spend in a lifetime but he lost it all and is a spectacle now for all the wrong reasons. Low IQ, lack of family structure, maybe this is where we will find Dro? Seems more plausable than super stardom, but every now and then She Bangs and the rest of North America immediately thinks that anyone with a british accent is smarter than them.

    I don’t think this is a reflection of Rap music as usually the cream rises to the top (JayZ is an incredibly brilliant person and Eminem has more drive than John Daly at the 17th on Augusta or at the MGM Grande craps tables using his wedding ring as a marker). Rap more than any other type of music is a combined venture of ability and marketing. Dro may lack ability but somewhere behind him their is a big fat marketing brain that has pulled all the right levers.

  4. Never heard of him…but yeah that does sound pretty bad!

  5. i think you are the idiot for analyzing rap lyrics. i think you are an idiot because you cant tell that he is rapping about different cars, not one car that keeps changing colors. i think you are an idiot for critisizing him for making millions of dollars just by talking about colored cars.

  6. I know he is rapping about different cars, and that still doesn’t give him an excuse for having the lyrical ability of a 4 year old.

  7. You wanna see some Dro equivalent…

    Ridin my Civ, my rust looks like toast and peanut butter. Fruity froot rollups lamp giraffe banana.

    So pimp my gangsta hat leanin g-chain cutlass on daytons. Fried ham diamonds be blingin. Hoes don’t know I be stackin apple green dollas bitches.

    What do you think of those little gems … don’t even think of stealin that shit Dro.

  8. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………DRO>>>>>>>>>>>>> alot of other rappers……..you just seem to be hating on the way he describes shit,like he got more imagery than imaginable …….it does make sense,you just over look it……didnt say how is flow is amazing or how the beast on the cd are pretty fantastic…..

    btw that last paragraph is fucked to no end……..

    ME=DRO FAN(among other rappers…but of the new breed Dro is the man imo…listen to his mixtapes then holla…..but if you dont like it..ayyyye i aint one to force a kid to say he like it)
    You=A Terrible rapper fan

  9. You just dont git it because your a white guy from canada who’s a bitch

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