Hockey starts up again (for me)

May 11, 2007


Last night, I played the first game of our Summer Hockey League. It’s weird playing hockey when it’s Summer weather outside, but seeing as I’m completely obsessed with hockey, I’m happy about it. I was really starting to miss it.

Last night’s game was a blast. We have a pretty decent team for a bunch of men’s league (or beer league) players. We played our first game against a team comprised of local WHL and Junior A players. Not often, as a men’s league player, do you get the chance to play against a group of such talented players. Among them was this year’s WHL rookie of the year.

The game turned out pretty good, considering I was pretty rusty after not playing for about 6 weeks. Plus, we were playing against a bunch of players who play every day of the week and against the best caliber players of their age in the world. Their first goal against me was on a penalty shot that I was oh-so close to saving. The second was a deflection and the third was put into the net by a player on my own team. Overall, I ended up with around 45 shots against.

We ended up going to a shootout, and unfortunately lost. To be honest, we weren’t upset at all, as considering the talent level we were up against, just getting to a shootout was impressive.

I’m looking forward to our next game. Apparantly one of the teams that entered the league is made up entirely of our local Junior A team. I find it so funny that our little men’s league team is playing, and competing against such high-level players.


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