Honey, this isn’t quite what I expected

May 11, 2007

Wow, it really sucks to be this guy:

From kutv.com:

A Salt Lake County woman has been arrested, accused of attacking her husband with a hammer on Friday night.

Joel Ricks told authorities that his wife Amy told him she had a surprise for him. He said she blindfolded him and led him into the basement of a Holladay condominium.

The woman then allegedly struck her husband with a hammer multiple times.

The man was able to escape and called 911. Deputies arrested his wife for aggravated assault.

The next time your wife/girlfriend wants to blindfold you and says she has a surprise for you… ask yourself two questions first:

“1) Have I done anything wrong lately that she might be mad about? 2) Have I done anything right lately to deserve this?”

If the answers are 1) Yes, and 2) No (which they probably are)… do not put on that blindfold.

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  1. Ha! When I reached 21, my grandfather told me that if any man ever hit me, that I was to wait until he fell asleep that night, tie the bed sheet around him then beat the shit out of him with the iron skillet. Sounds like this woman might have gotten similar advice. 😛

  2. Wow. Ms. Bobbit move over, you’ve got competition. (I guess it depends where she hit him with the hammer)

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