I am a bad person for laughing at this

May 11, 2007

blindwoman.jpgFrom Northern Territory News:

A legally blind woman has made a heartfelt plea to NT night spots to show compassion to people with disabilities.

Pearl Kelly has stopped going out on the town with friends as she is sick of being refused entry or alcoholic drinks because staff claim she is “too drunk”.

The 54-year-old said people believe she is intoxicated because she often bumps into things and has to be assisted by her friends.

The mother-of-nine said her brother was in town from the UK on the weekend and they went to a Palmerston bar to have some drinks. After two drinks she was asked to leave.

“I stopped going out about two years ago because of this,” she said. “It is just too frustrating and annoying and easier to stay at home.

“We were only there for about an hour when I was approached and asked to leave.”

Ms. Kelly urged management of pubs and clubs to train staff to think more carefully when dealing with people with disabilities.

“They need to check and make sure before assuming people are drunk,” she said.

“Your eyes may be funny or you may be running into things and laughing with friends, but it doesn’t mean you are drunk. It is the other ‘d’ word- disabled.”

I know… it’s sad. I laughed and that’s pretty bad. I know how she feels, as without my contacts in, I’m practically blind.

But I mean… if you’re blind, you shouldn’t just be stumbling around the bar. At least have one of those pointing sticks or a seeing-eye dog. Also, these bar owners must be so stupid. It’s pretty easy to see the difference between a blind person and a drunk person, isn’t it?

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  1. I don’t think you’re bad for laughing. That is funny.

  2. omg… u people are ~SICK 4 laughing at this poor woman!!… its not her fault she is visually impaired!!!!!!!!!! she has a problem and really doesn’t need u people leavin comments and slaggin her!!!!!!!!!

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