The most vicious attack of all time

May 18, 2007

From Dayton Daily News:

Police responded to The Golden Corral, 8870 Kingsridge Drive, behind the Dayton Mall because a female was throwing Gummy Bears at the manager.

She was in the parking lot yelling at employees when the officer arrived.

An employee said the subject came into the restaurant late and complained about the food.

She started putting gummy bears in a napkin and putting them in her purse. The subject yelled and cursed at the manager when confronted. She then took the candy from her purse and threw it at the manager and on the floor.

The manager said the subject threatened to beat her up. The subject told police she had to wait five minutes before being seated and that most of the food was gone. She went to get ice cream but was unable to and told the manager. She denied threatening to beat up the manager. The subject was issued a summons to appear in court.

How is this even news? Oh, “let’s call the cops because someone is chucking freakin’ gummy bears at me. The horror!”. WTF?!? Idiot.

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