Stanley Cup Finals – Predictions

May 23, 2007


Well, the Stanley Cup Finals are upon us. After nearly 2 months, we are about to find out who the Stanley Cup Champions will be. And for a third year in a row, a Canadian team is in the finals.

Before I get to my prediction, let’s take a look at how I did in in my Round 3 predictions.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Anaheim Ducks. Ducks win in 6 games.

I went against the grain, and picked the Red Wings to take this series. It seemed pretty much everyone was going with the Ducks, but I took a chance with Detroit. It was a close series, but the Ducks ended up winning. I had picked Detroit in 6, but it was the Ducks who were able to finish it in six games.

Buffalo Sabres vs. Ottawa Senators. Senators in 5 games.

Once again, I went against the favorites and picked the Sens to win, in 6 games. They managed to do even better, and take the series in five games, nearly sweeping the NHL’s top regular season team. At the start of the Playoffs, I picked the Sabres to win the Cup. Ottawa came on so strong, and looked like such a well-rounded, hard working team with a lot of talent, and I just couldn’t bet against them.

I ended up with a 1-1 record for round 3, making my Playoff record 11-3, with all three of my incorrect choices coming from betting against the Ducks.

If you’re a Ducks’ fan, you should be excited by my prediction for the Finals…

Stanley Cup Final: Anaheim Ducks vs. Ottawa Senators

For the fourth straight round in this year’s playoffs, I am going to bet against the Ducks. The Senators have been such an impressive team the entire playoffs, and it seems they really have everything put together. They are solid in nearly every area.

In goal, the two teams are practically even. Both Ray Emery and J-S Giguere are capable of incredible performances, but also can have a weak game here and there. I don’t expect either goalie to be the cause of either team winning or losing, besides a major break-down, which I don’t see happening. Giguere has been here before, and ended up winning the Conn Smythe trophy, but didn’t win the Cup.

This is Ottawa’s first trip to the finals, despite continually being a favorite that bows out early. Ottawa has a very superior offensive lineup up-front, and their defense is much, much more complete than Anaheim’s. They don’t have the star power of a Pronger-Niedermayer tandem, but they are very good from 1-6 on D.

I am going to pick Ottawa in six games, to win the Stanley Cup.



  1. D-BAG….

    That is all

  2. Hey, you should be happy… I’ve picked them to lose every round, and each time they’ve won the series.

    Me going against the Ducks should be seen as a positive for your team.

    But thanks for the, uh, comment.

  3. It looks like the Sens have become better and better every round, so I have to agree with you on this one. I’m also hoing a canadian team wins (finally!)

    The Sens have looked really good the past few games and have surprised alot of people by ending up in the final, where the Ducks could almost have been considered ‘early favorites’ from the start.

    Go Sens (although, I think, it will take all 7)


  4. Here is the only prediciton you will need. I am a HUGE sens fan but this will be a Ducks victory. Ducks in 6.

  5. I agree with you, I have been a Senators fan ever since 1998, and it I m not surprised how well that they have been doing this year. I think that the Sens will take it in 5 or 6, but the Ducks will give a good fight.


  6. p.s
    GO SENS GO!!! BE RED!!!

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