Girls, you look really stupid in this

May 27, 2007

waistbelt1.jpgThe newest trends and looks are always changing. They always have and always will. But every once and a while, and a lot more often than it should, something really stupid comes along. Shoulder pads in women’s jackets, frosted tips, parachute pants, anything with glitter on it… you get the point.

The latest in the long line of really stupid trends, is the big waist belt. What the hell is this thing?

It is almost impossible for the big waist belt to look good. At best, it looks ridiculous. At worst… well… it compares to this.

Often, but not always, it’s overweight girls wearing them in some sort of effort to make their waist appear smaller. The idea in itself is absolutely moronic. You want to hide that large stomach by wearing a huge freakin’ god-awful looking belt around it? Are you RETARDED? Do you not realize the horrid belt just BRINGS attention to that large mid-section, and makes you look even FATTER?!?

“Hey, I don’t want anyone to notice how big my stomach is, so I’m going to wear a regular outfit that doesn’t look too bad, and then I’m gonna slap on a huge attention-grabbing blocky belt around my waist. Yeah, it’ll look awesome!”

Is this seriously how women think?

Girls… if any of you have one of these belts… throw it away. You look ridiculous. Anyone who tells you different is lying to you.

Then again, what do I know about fashion? This is one of my favorite T-shirts.



  1. well said

    I hope this catches on

  2. im going to come to your house and kill you for this, this is a direct blow to me

  3. Haha, no it’s not… it’s to the fat girls out there who wear them.

    You’re not fat at all, but you do wear goofy big belts.

  4. Well it’s sure a damn good thing that the belt wasn’t mine.. lol. I borrowed it from Shal… NEVER again then.. because you said so.

  5. You crack me up….first off your a guy…second you don’t/shouldn’t know anything about fashion…and three…these belts aren’t designed to hide fat. They are designed to be worn right below the bust line to accentuate the smallest part of a woman and make her curvy.

  6. I know they weren’t designed to hide fat, but that seems to be what some girls are intending them to do.

    And to make girls look curvy? All they really do for me is make girls look ridiculous.

    Most girls would say they dress to look good, and/or to impress guys/someone, correct? Well, then my opinion should matter… cause to me, girls look stupid in these. But to each their own, I guess.

    Any guys that like this look, feel free to speak up…

  7. you’re right about the belt. but this comes from the guy who has the autobot version of the t-shirt

  8. Answer me this…do you guys wear Transformer/Comic shirts or Hockey shirts because you think girls might like them? Probably not…the same goes for fashionable things for girls…we don’t care if you like it…we do! hahaha

  9. True in some cases, but you have to admit girls worry a lot more about what other people (mostly guys) think of their looks than guys worry about what women think. If they didn’t, women wouldn’t shave their legs, armpits, wear all kinds of make up, wear extremely uncomfortable clothes, and so on.

  10. No see it does reduce fat. If a really fat girl wears one, and the belt is really big, there is a very large mass body and if large (massive) enough and the belt can keep it from expanding (for a short time) this area will collapse in on itself until it dissappears similiar to the way a decaying star does when it becomes a black hole (notice how the belt was black; a black belt isn’t necessary, but it increases the decay rate of the large mass body).

  11. Well, actually, Amanda IS right.

    The belt you posted a picture of is not meant to be worn the way it is on that girl….I’ll give ya that.

    The proper belt, a thinner texture (like pleather, haha!) is supposed to be worn just under the bust line.

    Bigger girls DO wear this because without it, sometimes a shirt or dress is completely shapeless.

    If a girl is blessed enough to have a big ass but not a big gut, then she can wear whatever she wants. But for other girls who have no ass and are all tummy, anything they wear is going to look shapeless and dumpy. Sometimes adding the belt gives you SOME shape, even if it’s not the most flattering.

    But yes, you’re right. Some girls should never adopt this look.

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