This is one very cool golf tee

May 28, 2007

golf_tee.jpgThese are pretty cool. Available only in Japan, are the “bikini girl golf tees”. Quite the neat little addition to your golf game.
I haven’t golfed a lot over the past few years, but it’s something I’d like to get back into. The one problem I had with golf though, is it made me so frustrated every time I played.

There is so much open field, yet there always seemed to be a 99% chance my ball would end up in the bushes, in water or on another hole. Why? Well I guess I know the answer, and it’s that “I suck at golf”. But still… golf should not be so frustrating.

I do enjoy going to the driving range, though. The driving range has always seemed like such a great way to blow off stress. You get your platform and your little bucket o’ balls, and you get to continually hit them as hard as you want over and over. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter where the balls go. Well, except when you’re trying to hit that kid driving around in the “ball picker upper” cart.

How much more fun would golf be if instead of trying to get the ball into a little hole, the object of the game was to hit kids that randomly ran around the course?

Anyways, I thought these golf tees were something different. Whether it improves your game or not, I don’t know.. ? But I guess who cares about a golf score when you have a bikini girl holding your balls.

Haha, sorry that was pretty awful.

Source: Tokyo Times



  1. i dont know where you find all these cool things, lol.


  2. Hahaha what a gadget. I just had a thought … Wonder if Chuck Norris golfs with a steel ball instead of rubber?

    I have 2 problems with the tee. First, Is it plastic? It would explode on impact. Second, The tee is insanely high. I would want my ball(s) near her ankles if I took her for a few holes.

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