Adult Recess?

May 31, 2007


From Philidelphia Daily News:

Michelle Luciano usually spends her days selling orthodontic equipment – from braces to retainers – to dentists from her desk at Masel Enterprises in Bristol.

But yesterday, her job included hopping on a bouncing ball, tumbling on an air mattress, jumping through hoops (sort of), pushing a toddler’s plastic lawn mower through an obstacle course, and running with an egg on a spoon.

If it’s 10:30 on a Wednesday morning, it must be adult recess at Masel.

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day to escape the office and warehouse for company-wide relay races on the back lawn.

Besides outside water-balloon tosses and basketball, there are also indoor remote-control-car races, electric-slide dances in the lunchroom, and games of Simon Says.

“Fifteen minutes out of work,” laughed Luciano, of Philadelphia, “we’re all about that.”

Former casino dancer Victoria Martin, the marketing coordinator who started adult recess two years ago, said the program builds teamwork across departments, improves morale, and creates a happy workplace.

OK, it’s totally corny.

And if it happened in Scranton, on the NBC TV series The Office, it would be the usual disaster of embarrassing miscues with grumpy workers dragooned into participation.

But for some reason, it works at Masel, and sales rep Christopher Simon, from Philadelphia, put his finger on why: “Recess is a manifestation of what goes on here normally. You have to get work done, but it’s a playful atmosphere.”

Ok, I am definitely emailing this article to my boss. Toddler plastic lawnmower racing? Water balloon tossing? I am in! (Actually, I just like the idea of spending as much time as possible, not in my office).

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  1. This sounds so fun.

  2. Hi, Matt.
    I’ve just taken a look at WordPress’s Weird news tag and discovered that you and I, plus a couple of others, seem to have this one pretty well monopolised.
    So I thought I’d take a look at your site. Your approach is different to mine but I like it.
    Are most of your news bites USA based? That might explain why we don’t seem to have overlapped anywhere.
    Cheers. Keep up the good work.

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