The Top 10 Ugliest NHL Jerseys of All-Time

June 1, 2007

Over the years, there have been many different NHL jerseys. In what is always the case, some are great, some are average, some are boring, and some are downright awful.

I’ve compiled a list of what I think are ten of the ugliest NHL jerseys of all time. You’ll notice a theme among my choices. A good percentage of them are from the era when nearly every team came out with a “third” jersey. The reason behind this was nothing other than marketing. These jerseys were all pretty flashy and had some ridiculous type of logo. It was a way to quickly sell some more jerseys. These didn’t last for more than a season or two.

There are of course some other horrid jerseys that came before the third-jersey era. I tried to keep my selections to the “modern NHL”, which is about 1970-current.

Here’s my choices:

10. Pittsburgh Penguins


The Penguins used these jerseys in the mid to late 90’s. They had a pretty ugly original jersey (it’s main color was blue?!?), but I’ve liked their current design, which is the design they’ve had for most of their history. But this one? The “triangle robot penguin” just doesn’t work. Thankfully they switched back to the old logo after a few years in this ugly thing.

9. Atlanta Thrashers


This is the Thrashers’ third jersey, which they unfortunately still use to this day. Baby blue just screams, “we’re a tough hockey team, watch out!”. Their regular jerseys have hardly any, if any at all, baby blue… so I don’t understand the logic in making it the main color on this jersey. Also, why is there a shoulder stripe on only one side?

8. Vancouver Canucks


One of the earliest of the Canucks’ jerseys. Most people would rank it as one of the worst of all time, but I personally don’t think it’s quite that bad. “Puke yellow” is not a good color choice. And the “logo”? It’s a couple of stripes that resemble the letter “V”. Horrible.

7. Dallas Stars


Dallas have pretty nice jerseys. So of course, they needed an ugly jersey, and created this horrid “third jersey” piece of crap. I see how they are trying to be creative by having the “stars” align to form a “Texas” bull’s head… but well, it comes off looking really, really ugly.

6. Los Angeles Kings


Once again, a “third” jersey makes the list. The LA Kings came up with this poor excuse for a jersey, and it looks like something an eight year old would paint with his water colors. The Kings’ rarely wore this jersey, but they did manage to have it just long enough for NHL legend Wayne Gretzky to be stuck seen wearing it.

5. Phoenix Coyotes


Coyotes’ fans and players were actually forced to endure this awful thing for quite a few seasons. Fortunately they’ve changed to their newer jerseys, which are pretty nice. But the “robot coyote” is one of the ugliest logos of all time, and the jersey pattern just compliments it’s ugliness.

4. New York Islanders


The Islanders were a pretty good franchise during the 70’s and 80’s, and they had some pretty decent jerseys during that time. They kept the same jersey and logo for a long time, before deciding to switch it to one of the most hated logos in sports history. Fans utterly despised the new logo when it was released. It was nicknamed the “captain fishstick logo” , and fans would go as far as to chant that in a mocking tone during games. After begging to have it switched back by fans, the Islanders’ quickly did so the next season.

3. Nashville Predators


If you thought the Canucks’ “puke yellow” jerseys were bad, well look at these things. They take “puke” to a whole new level. One of the ugliest jerseys of all time, of any sport. And the worst part is… they STILL wear them!!!

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks


Before they were just the “Ducks”, they were the “Mighty Ducks”. This is a franchise that’s name originated from a silly Disney movie of the early 90’s. They have had some pretty bad jerseys and logos, but this one takes the cake. This is another one of those horrid “third” jerseys. This jersey seems like something that would come out of a badly drawn cartoon. Hockey players are supposed to be tough athletes… and how are you supposed to look tough in something like this? Disgusting.

1. Boston Bruins


The Boston Bruins are one of the NHL’s original six teams, and one of it’s most storied franchises. The team has had the same basic jersey and colors for nearly it’s entire history. The NHL’s decided to come out with third jerseys, and with all the awful designs that came out from that little project, the great Bruins come up with the ugliest of them all. They take the beautifully simple “B” logo and nicely colored jersey, and get (here it is again) “puke yellow” with a giant smiling teddy bear slapped in the middle. It looks like they made this jersey as a joke. Way to go Bruins, you have the ugliest jersey in NHL history.

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  1. I just threw up a little when I saw pictures of those Kings and Canucks jerseys. I disagree on the Pens jersey, but I’m biased.

  2. You don’t like the pooh jersey? Me either. Good choices except the Pens jersey. That is a sweet jersey, actually one of my faves. And the Thrashers Jersey is sweet too. What about the Ducks regular old jersey? Or the Coyotes awful 3rd jerseys?

    I can’t think of too many right now but I agree with the bottom 8 pretty wholeheartedly. That Canucks jersey is freackin ugly for sure. Should have been top 3 maybe. But we are all a little biased.

    You need to do a best jerseys worldwide post.

  3. Yeah, the Ducks could have had a few jerseys on the list, same with the Coyotes. I tried to stick to having only one jersey per team on the list.

    I do agree, part of me does like the Thrashers jersey.

    I love the Penguins current jerseys, but I never liked the robot penguin.

  4. The Predator’s jersey is awesome, and their logo is even better. I believe a sports team should have a logo that strikes terror into everyone who sees it. The snarling sabretooth-tiger they use sends a very clear signal to their opponents: we’re insane, vicious, and a little retarded.

  5. The worst jersey of all time is the Islanders’ “Fisherman” I am sooooo glad they went back to basics, what were they smokin in the ’90s

  6. As much as you probably don’t want to hear this, your list will need updating real soon. When I saw the new Sharks logo revealed today, a part of me sort of died inside. The logo is bad enough, but I hear that (gasp) orange is going to be featured on the jerseys. You probably should have waited a few more months before posting this list.

  7. I almost cried when the new reebok Flyers jersey came out. They have totally deviated from the look of the classic Philly jersey. They look like the teams old practice jersey with a feminine touch to it. Why cant these teams just leave things as they are? Ill tell you why. Because every time they create a new jersey people will have to buy it, which means the league makes more money. Thanks Bettman for destroying the game and traditions to line your pockets. Oh and the new Sabres jersey sucks too. It looks like Donald Trumps hair. Come on! Fire your designers and just leave things alone!

  8. I think the nicest jersey of all time is the anaheim mighty ducks jersey, i can’t believe it’s on here

    • Dude you must be on crack. The ducks own the NHL for sporting the crappiest sweaters of all time besides that Canucks crazy yellow V.

  9. You’re wrong about the Penguins jersey. It was one of the best designed new jerseys of the early to late 1990’s. It was a huge fan favorite and favorite around the NHL. The Cartoon logo is better, but as far as logos go, the “Robot” Penguin is far from the worst. Otherwise you list is bang on with me.

    I’d go a step further and include the first draft of the LA Kings jersey after the nice Gretzky KINGS jerseys. The one with the shield was simply terrible. Other really ugly jersey is the original Columbus Blue Jackets that have “BJ” on the front.

    Of the new ones, the Islanders new jersey sucks, the Canucks jersey with the white orca sucks, and the Dallas jersey with just “Dallas” on it, is just a waste of money.

  10. Vancuver’s V jersey is the ugliest jersey of all time i mean look at it

  11. The Vancouver Canucks have 2 of the most awful jerseys in professional sports history. This original Canuck jersey from the 70s is the worst offender…but the Yellow V jerseys featured on your list definitely also deserve honorable mention. The original jersey features a minimalist hockey stick. WOoooooww. Very artistic. Just makes me think “hockey” when I see a thin white hockey stick on a solid background color. The worst part…the hockey stick is on a giant patch, as if the team was too cheap to pay for a real jersey design…they just bought a bunch of patches with a hockey stick on ’em and sewed them on to the sweater. Classy.

  12. @ Shawn

    your a fucking idiot.

    • I agree

  13. You should have picked the Penguins’ late early 2000’s silver version of the triangle Pigeon Penguin

    far right

  14. You’re missing the California Golden Seals and the the old yellow/purple Kings jersey from your list.

  15. I think your list is pretty good, but the Bruins as the worst ever? on that list alone I see 4-5 jerseys that are worse than that. The Vancover jersey is the worst in my book, that kings jersey is a second, that ducks jersey third.. I also hated those yellow preds jerseys, but its all debatable. Thanks for putting the thrashers jersey on there, Im not a fan of those at all!

  16. Dude you forgot the old pink washington jerseys!!!!! and cmon the atlanta those aren’r that bad!!!! you oviulsy whiped this togetther in like 1 minute

  17. Funny finding this list now, Sept 2008 when the Pens are going back to the baby blue look for their third jersey. Tough guys indeed. LOL

    … and Adam the Pens 3rd jersey from the mid 90s was then transformed into their road jersey due to the massive popularity. So, I don’t think it would rank on the worst list… it was probably the best Penguins jersey ever – sorry you don’t like it.

  18. Is there such thing as yellow that is ‘puke’? I guess yellow isnt acceptable nowadays. But ya the Ducks, Kings and Islanders were pretty bad, for some reason i liked the Coyotes but it wouldnt be something i would buy. The Canucks would have to be by far the worst, the Canucks best jersey is the green and blue with the hockey stick, other than that they have had ugly jerseys. But i think this one takes the cake for worst EVER.


  19. Add this to the list as well, take Atlanta off and the Pens for my prior pic and this one. Plus you should get Vancouvers home and road jersey for last/this year, the lettering looks so plain and awful. Not to mention the way the symbol doesnt go with the colors at all! Terrible.

  20. The Blues Third jersey was so bad Mike Keenan banned the team from wearing it. Why is it not on the list???


    • Put that bong down dude now!!!! You sound like those people who can’t afford them so they put them down. The Blues new 3rd is one of the top 3rds.

  21. I found a page similar to yours and it has an uglier Coyotes jersey! you can update this blog with jerseys from my prior post and the coyotes one on this page.

  22. igotta ssay your rright on everything, but i liked the old coyotes jersey.

    • Yes the old coyotes jersey where really cool they had a complete different look back then . I own both the old school authentic sweaters people love em. But i hate to say the 3rd they came out with was horrible thing. With that fat head thing on the front and cactus plant boo!

  23. no way the bruins jersey is the worst that ducks and canucks jersey both suck ass

    • Thanks Bro!!!! That big ass bear with the bear trap claws as stripes rocks!!!! I have a fat authentic size 56 with RAY BOURQUE jersey in my collection and i rate it as my favorite. This guy that rated it the worst should check his glasses out. Nothing beats out the ducks attempt at a 3rd!!!!!!!

  24. I think Bruins jersey is not the worst… canucks puke yellov is way uglyer. And I actualy liked this V penguins logo mor then original one. But a very good list anyway…

    By far the worst from this list and probbobly all is King’s jersey… it is realy CRAP!

  25. dude the only one i can agree with u is the canucks one. the atlanta one is sick

  26. What is all this bigotry and hatred towards yellow??
    Let me start by saying that Nashville’s third sweater is not yellow. It’s greenish gold which is definitely an eye sore.
    As for the Canucks, what in the heck is wrong with home yellow or gold?? Yes, the giant V design was gaudy, but come on now! Let’s be a little open-minded, shall we? Home yellow is very complimentary to road black, just like home white is complimentary to road blue or road red. The LA Kings original purple and gold was a classic, it was simple, and it was unique. Hey, the LA Lakers have worn purple and home gold for decades. I love the traditional home white colour, but yellow gives home uniforms a little more uniqueness and variety. If and when the Hamilton Tigers ever return, I HOPE they go with yellow as their light colour with black as their dark colour.
    You WANT know what an UGLY uniform is? The garish and overly done Colorado Avalanche lacrosse uniforms. Black here, burgundy there, blue over there, etc, etc. The logo is fine, but the design is tacky. The reason people in the hockey world don’t ridicule them is because they’ve won so much.


  28. Another series of banter between Ari and Eric and turle with a love interest at last!

  29. I forgot about that hideous Kings jersey! What about the horrendous Blues jersey with the trumpets and all that busy crap??

  30. 10.the penguin jersey was one of the best penguin jersey ever!
    9.that jersey needs new colors! eww!!!
    8.worst jersey ever that v is just wrong! (p.s. did they go under debt?)
    7.that jersey the best 3rd jersey they’ve ever had! (not like theirs any compatition!)
    6.seriously! i’m not gona be able to eat now!!!
    5.that coyote is a goalie/player? what!
    4.look at the other islanders jerseys… thats a creative jersey
    3.THAT IS MUSTERD YELLOW!! what were they thinking
    2.WOW! they have a jersey within a jersey! (p.s. no ducks jerseys are good)
    1.THAT IS A COOL JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The Stars’ jersey was also called the “Mooterus” Based on the simple fact it looks like a cow’s head and the female reproductive system!

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