From YouTube to Superstar Musician?

June 2, 2007

esmeedenters.jpgIf you haven’t heard of Esmee Denters yet, get ready, cause you’re about to start hearing a lot about her.

Her story is a very interesting one. In late 2006 she began posting YouTube videos of herself singing. She quickly became an “internet celebrity”. She was born November 23, 1988, making her only 18 years old. She was born in the Netherlands.

Once her YouTube videos began to gain notoriety, she had several US record labels trying to track her down. Apparently one record label called a local Hotel and had them go through the phone book calling every single “Denters” listed.

She has since come over to the US to meet with several labels, and recently announced on Dutch television that she has signed a deal. There are several rumors going around. Just this past week she released a video (that ended up YouTube’s main page) of her singing “What Goes Around” by Just Timberlake, with Mr. Timberlake playing the piano in the background.

Just Timberlake just announced that he’s starting his own record label. Coincidence?

Check out the video of her singing “What Goes Around”…

Despite it’s low quality, you can still tell she’s a pretty incredible singer. She’s beautiful too, which doesn’t hurt. Justin even says “she sings my song better than me”, once she finishes the song.

Check out some of her other self-posted videos (remember, she’s recording these with a low quality microphone and camera):

John Legend’s “Ordinary People”

Stacie Orrico’s “So Simple”

Beyonce’s “Irreplacable”

James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something”

Cassie’s “Me and You”

Rihanna’s “Unfaithful”

JoJo’s “Too Little, Too Late”

Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together”

Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”

Alicia Keys’ “How Come You Don’t Call Me” (better quality video)

Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father” (better quality video)

If you’d like to hear more, you can search YouTube for “Esmee Denters” and you’ll come across several others.



  1. She seems like a sweet girl. I hope she makes it big.

  2. Update… she announced Monday that she has in fact signed with Timberlake’s new record label.

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