This guy really doesn’t like his job

June 4, 2007

From Sky News:

An overworked policeman stabbed himself in the stomach so he could get time off, investigators in Japan have said.

The truth came out after detectives launched an attempted murder investigation but could not find any suspects matching the alleged victim’s description.

The 44-year-old took a knife to himself because he was worn out by overtime and weekend working, they discovered.

He knifed himself at his home in north west Japan but told fellow officers he had been attacked.

They began to doubt his story when they couldn’t get anywhere with the inquiry.

Suspicions were also raised because the officer had waited an hour before reporting the alleged attack, the spokesman said. His wounds were not life-threatening.

Everyone has come up with some excuse to miss work before, but to actually stab yourself to get out of going? I think once you start resorting to that type of extreme measure just to miss work, it’s probably time to get a new job.



  1. Sheesh. That’s extreme. The worst I’ve ever done is come to work without makeup. Works every time. 😉

  2. they send you home without make-up?? lol Where do you work?

  3. no makeup = sickly looking Kerstin…so I get to go home because I’m “sick.”

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