New species of frog discovered

June 6, 2007

From Yahoo!:

In this photograph released by Conservation International on Monday, June 4, 2007, an Atelopus frog is shown in this March 2006 file photo taken at the Nassau Mountains, eastern Suriname. Scientists said Monday that they have discovered 24 new species of wildlife in the remote plateaus of eastern Suriname, including this frog with fluorescent purple markings discovered by Surinamese scientists Paul Ouboter and Jan Mol.

(AP Photo/Conservation International/Paul Ouboter)

Pretty cool lookin’ little guy, isn’t he?

It’s interesting that we’re still discovering new species’ on a regular basis. Hopefully it continues to happen, and that there is never a point where we’ve discovered everything about our planet.



  1. Apparently 10 undiscovered species die everyday thanks to rainforest destruction. It would be great to see that come to a stop. I am sure there is some kind of Lion/Tiger in there or maybe a ManCat.

    I wonder what happens when you lick this one?

  2. probably the same thing when you lick other frogs….you get warts! hahahaha 😉

  3. Apparently environmentalists love pulling equations out of their as to prove that 10 undiscovered species die out every day. Think about it. If they are undiscovered how do we know they are there. The equation is based on an estimate of the number of species that live in the rain forest which are estimated to be so numerous that they have hundreds of entire species living on a single acre of land and apparently every time an acre of land is cutdown all animals there are to stupid to move to another one and die off. And everyone is foolish enough to believe the equation to estimate the number of estimated undicovered species are dieing out based upon estimated numbers of species already extinct. Now I may not have a degree but every time the word estimate comes up in a mathematical discussion the accuracy of the equation talked about goes down rapidly.

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