The Ducks win the Stanley Cup

June 7, 2007

When it was announced this past summer that Anaheim had acquired Chris Pronger from the Edmonton Oilers, they immediately became Stanley Cup favorites. I agreed that they had a very good team, but I didn’t think they were deep enough to win the Cup, and that two All-Star defensemen weren’t enough.

Well, even after predicting against them in every single series of this year’s playoffs, the Anaheim Ducks managed to win professional sports most famous trophy, The Stanley Cup. Almost all of the media and bloggers were picking Ottawa to win the series, and well, so did I. They easily defeated the favorite, the Buffalo Sabres, and looked like they had a complete team running strong. Unfortunately due to a ridiculous schedule, they had a long lay-off in between series’ and I think that was their undoing.

Anaheim proved they are a lot more solid that anyone expected, and their no-name stars such as Andy McDonald, Chris Kunitz, Samuel Pahlsson and Travis Moen are going to be nothing but from now on. Their checking line was the best in the NHL, their top line, although inconsistent, played well and their “young guns” line of Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Dustin Penner will be a force for a long, long time.

The person I am most happy for is Brian Burke. I was a huge fan of “Burkie” when he was the GM of the Canucks, and when they let him go, a lot of fans, including myself, were outraged. He did an incredible job in Vancouver, and was let go based on politics, not his quality of work. He quickly turned the Ducks into a contender, and won the Cup in his second season with the team.

For the third straight year, a Canadian-based team and lost in the Finals. I wonder what’s going to happen next year?

So, hockey’s done. I’m going to miss it, although I’m already used to it. Once my team (the Canucks) are eliminated, my “care factor” drops quite a bit.

The off-season can be exciting, as we have the NHL Awards, NHL Entry Draft and July 1st (the day free agents are available) coming up over the next month.

You know you’re a hockey fan when… it’s Summer weather outside, hockey has just ended after going on for nine months, and you are already looking forward to NHL training camp in September.



  1. Boy. After my team’s season this year I can’t wait for September. Oilers have some high draft picks, and if anyone still wants to play in E-town, I think they’ll make a splash in the free agent market. We’ll have to wait and see.

  2. I guess we were both wrong. You said Senators in 6, I said Ducks in six and they won it in five.

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