Joke of the day

June 13, 2007

A man walks out of a bar and sees a bum panhandling on the corner. The bum says, “Mister, can you spare a dollar?”

The man thinks a minute. Then he asks the bum, “If I give you a dollar, are you going to use it to buy liquor?”

“No,” says the bum.

The man then asks, “If I give you a dollar, are you going to use it for gambling?”

Again the bum says, “No.”

So the man says to the bum, “Do you mind coming home with me so I can show my wife what happens to someone who doesn’t drink or gamble?”


One comment

  1. I know mom’s jokes are horrible but here goes!
    A man is sitting at the bar and notices an attractive woman at the end of the bar. She seriously starts sneezing and then watching her he sees her eye pop right out of her head. It bounces down, down towards him about to fall of the end of the bar and he catches it! He slowly walks over to her and hands her back her eyeball and she pops it back in. She then offers to buy him dinner which he says yes to. She then asks if he would like to come over for a drink. She offers him to stay the night. She is so nice to him he just has to ask. You didn’t have to buy me dinner, and drinks and have me stay the night.”Why have you been so nice to a perfect stranger” She replies “You were the only one in the bar who caught my eye!!”

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