Will Smith’s next film is on the way

June 13, 2007


Will Smith’s newest film since last year’s “Pursuit of Happyness” is on it’s way. Unfortunately it’s still about 6 months from hitting theaters. “I Am Legend”, will be released December 14, 2007.

Click here to head on over to my movie blog to read the post.

Or, you can click here to check out the trailer on YouTube.


  1. This flick looks good. The plot seems a bit ridiculous, (I read the Movie Review Report), but I love Will Smith films, so I’m sure it will be great.
    You commented on the Transformers movie soundtrack right as I was fixing the info! I must have accidentally put 2007 on the old tracklist – I WISH Stan Bush was on the new one! Well, I fixed the older post (and replied to your comment over there) and now the tracklist for the new soundtrack is up. You may not like what you see, but here is the new TRANSFORMERS movie soundtrack:

    Thanks for the comment…. The old soundtrack is so much better….

  2. A hot guy and a cute dog, what more could you ask for? As Will is one my favourite actors, I can’t wait for this movie! Good review hun, this is definitely one we should see in theatres!

  3. When did that blog come out, it must be new.

    I have 3 blogs on the go:

    greenfog.livejournal.com(my day to day journal)

    OnHockey.ca (hockey)


    I only use six aparts tools now.

  4. I saw a preview for this last weekend prior to Pirates (for the third time thank you very much). It looks pretty good. Almost like Cast Away only in a city.

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