Don’t call me baby

June 15, 2007

cutebabypic.jpgDeciding on a baby name is one of those things you and your significant other are almost guaranteed to have a few arguments about. It’s a girl, and she likes “Polly”, but whenever you hear that name, all you can think about is the girl who wore the pink helmet in elementary school and drooled all over herself. Your little girl will not wear a helmet, nor will she drool. At least she won’t when she’s 11. Your baby girl will not be named Polly.

It’s a boy, and you like “Jonathan”. But Jonathan is the name of the bully that used to call your wife fat, and stuff doughnuts down her pants in the 7th grade. No go on Jonathan.

The cycle continues over and over. You may consult some baby books if you have to, but eventually you will settle on a name. It will rank somewhere around 47th on your list of favorite names, but you’re just happy it’s not “Polly”.

Millions of people around the world have this same problem, but in the end, every couple eventually compromises.

The Social Security Administration recently released a list of the most popular baby names from 2000-2006. Click here for the list.

Jacob, Michael and Josh came in as the top three boys names (my step brother’s names are Michael and Josh, heh) and Emily, Madison and Emma came in as the top three girls names (I don’t know anyone by those names).

All babies eventually get a name, regardless of the time it takes to decide on one.

Wait a second.

Check out #989 on the list under “girls”.

Apparantly not all couples come to agreement. Well, either that or they figured “Baby” was a great name for their new little bundle of joy.

I’ve always thought people should have to pass a test before they’re allowed to become parents. Even if the test was “name your baby”, and the only incorrect answer was “baby”. At least it would stop all 949 people who named their little girl “baby” from being allowed to procreate.



  1. I have to say, as a teacher, I’m really glad I had and named kids before I started working. Otherwise I may not have been able to decide on anything. My dad, three brothers and I are all in the top ten – how original.

  2. My sons name is in the top ten…but then I didn’t name him. I wanted a girl so badly, I didn’t even pick out a boys name. Sick, I know. So my mom named him. Which is a good thing, cause if it had been me, he’d have been Dylan…which my dad says sounds like a dog’s name.

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