Wendy’s up for sale?

June 19, 2007


It looks like fast food giant Wendy’s may be up for sale, thanks to declining business.

WSJ.com“Wendy’s International Inc. said it will consider a sale of the hamburger chain as the company slashed its earnings forecast for the year, underscoring the competitive environment in the fast-food industry.

Same-store sales, or sales at stores open at least a year, are running below plan, in part because of higher menu prices as well as higher beef and dairy costs, Wendy’s said. But the company is also losing customers because of aggressive marketing by larger rivals McDonald’s Corp., Burger King Holdings Inc. and Yum Brands Inc.”

I first want to say that Wendy’s is my favorite fast food chain. I don’t eat fast food that often, but when I do, Wendy’s is always my first choice. I find their burgers taste more “real”, and don’t leave you feeling like you have a heaping pile of sickness sitting in your stomach afterwards. I also enjoy how they give you several side options, rather than the usual and fattening “fries” option only.

It kinda surprises me that McDonalds is doing better, as I was under the impression they were in decline. Plus eating McDicks, is like eating a bowl of poison. Anyone who can eat McDonalds and not feel sick isn’t human. It may taste great at 3am after a night filled with lots of alcohol, but within minutes you regret the decision.

I’m not into Burger King, either. For some reason, it’s never been my fast food joint of choice. I’ve eaten at Burger Kings maybe ten times in my life (and that was all during Hoff and I’s Whopper Wednesday tradition about four years ago).

I’ve said how I feel… what’s your favorite fast food “restaurant”?



  1. Awwww, I miss Dave Thomas. I love how you can get potatoes or chili and not have to settle for the usual stuff. McDonalds tried to go ‘healthy’, but there new stuff is either full of sugar and/or leaves you just as sick. Of course, I haven’t been to a McD in at least a year.

    Oh, I also love Wendy’s Frostie drinks… I rarely go to fast food places, but Wendy’s is definitely superior.

    I wonder how much the Tim Horton’s partnership has hurt/hindered the Wendy’s brand.

  2. the problem is ever since dear old Dave died greedy corporate America has been trying to change every philosophy Dave believed in. Buying Baja Fresh?? All in the name of greed. Oh, they use his image and profess to doing it “Dave’s Way” but let me tell you from experience Dave is rolling over in his grave.

  3. saw that yesterday

    I agree Wendy’s is my fave fast food. The spicy chicken, frosty and even the baked tator are good picks.

  4. Yeah, I always go with the Spicy Chicken, usually with a caesar salad on the side. so good. i actually had one on saturday haha

  5. i’m totally suprised they are having problems…if i ever eat fast food…(which is never) i always go there because you don’t sick after you eat it!

  6. I do like Wendy’s a lot, but my favorite fast food is Rally’s, also known as Checkers in some parts of the United States. Their Big Buford is my favorite fast food burger. Freshest toppings, best taste. In my book, it can’t be beat.

    I also have high cholesterol, so, there you go. šŸ™‚

  7. Hmm, guess we don’t have those in Canada… I’ve never even heard of them

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