Full House… Where are they now?

June 20, 2007

For everyone that grew up during the 80’s, Full House was an after school tradition, along with such other great sitcoms like Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince and Family Matters. Full House was always one of my favorites, and many of the stars of that show are still in the public eye.

Full House lasted eight seasons, airing from 1987-1995.

Let’s take a look at what all the stars have done since the show ended, and what they are up to now…

fullhouse_bobsaget.jpgBob Saget (Danny Tanner)

Danny Tanner was the main character, and the guy that held the family together on Full House. He was also the co-host of the morning talk show Wake Up, San Francisco along with Rebecca Donaldson, who later becomes his sister-in-law.

He is also the widowed father of three young children. Danny Taylor was the epitome of family man, and was obsessed with keeping a clean and tidy home. His character is one of the most family friends characters in the history of television.

Bob Saget is anything but.

During a portion of his Full House run, Saget kept his squeaky clean image going by hosting the family-friendly video-submission show, American’s Funniest Videos. He remained the host for seven years, from 1990-1997.

Even though it may not seem like it, but Bob Saget has kept incredibly busy since both Full House and AFV have ended.

He has appeared as himself on Saturday Night Live, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Ellen, Howard Stern (multiple times), The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Joey, The documentary film Artistocrats, in a legendary episode of Entourage, and a whole slew of others. He also hosted 1 vs. 100, a trivia question game show from 2006-07.

It was after Full House that Bob Saget dramatically changed his image. He is actually nothing like the character he’s portrayed and made millions of dollars with. He’s actually a dirty, dirty man. Yes, this may also be an image, but he is known as one of the dirtiest stand-up comics.

He had a very brief role in Half Baked, where he, very graphically, explains what he is used to do in exchange for cocaine. That was my first experience with the dirty Bob Saget, and it shocked me beyond words.

Saget had a small role in the horrid film, Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. He also voiced a character in Madagascar and did voice work in the straight to DVD, Farce of the Penguins.

Saget has also done some behind the scenes work as well. He directed the film Dirty Work, the TV movie Becoming Dick and the spoof film, Farce of the Penguins, which he also wrote.

He is currently working as the narrator on the television show, How I Met Your Mother, and is still touring around America doing his stand-up act.

fullhouse_stamos.jpgJohn Stamos (Jesse Katsopolis)

“Uncle Jesse” was Danny’s brother-in-law, and moved into the home after his sister passed away. He is an Elvis-obsessed wanna be musician. He later marries Danny’s on-air co-host Rebecca, and she later gives birth to twin boys.

His band, Jesse and the Rippers, eventually received a record deal, and at one point they toured around the country.

John Stamos is probably most famous for marrying the incredibly beautiful Rebecca Romjin when she was at the height of her modeling career. They have since divorced.

His movie career after Full House is filled with mostly unforgettable roles. He even starred in a film called I Am Stamos, that’s plot reads, “a dark comedy about a character actor whose wish to be a leading man comes true when he magically begins to photograph as John Stamos, provoking the unholy wrath of Stamos”. Wow.

He did manage to land a starring role in Jake in Progress, but it was canceled after two episodes. He also appeared in one episode of Friends.

He’s had the most success in his role as “Dr. Tony Gates” on the successful television show, ER.

fullhouse_davecoulier.jpgDave Coulier (Joey Gladstone)

Joey was Danny’s best friend, and moved into the home to help raise Danny’s three daughters. Joey made his living as a comedian, but I’m not really sure how, as his jokes were terrible. There was always something pathetic and depressing about Joey. It seemed he was always trying to hide his depression by making terrible un-funny jokes.

I also found it weird that he never had a girlfriend, and for a middle-aged man, never seemed even remotely interested in doing anything in life, besides add the occasional schoolyard joke.

Dave Coulier annoys me a lot. Apparently, someone seems to think he has “host” qualities, as he’s had quite a few jobs doing just that. He hosted the AFV rip-off, World’s Funniest Videos, as well as America’s Most Talented Kid, I Can’t Believe I Wore That, Opportunity Knocks, Animal Kidding and My RV Life.

After Full House, he appeared in an episode of Lois & Clark as well as lending his voice to several shows, including Pinky & The Brain, Extreme Ghostbusters, Teen Titans, Robot Chicken and more.

Dave Coulier… you’re an annoying failure. Please go away.

fullhouse_candice.jpgCandice Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner)

D.J. was overall, a pretty good daughter. She usually listened to her father, but on occasion was embarressed by him. There isn’t a lot of memorable events with her character, but she did add to the show regardless. In the later years, she had a steady boyfriend named, Steve.

Since Full House ended, she has focuses more on family than on her acting career. She appeared in several made-for-TV films, none worth mentioning. She also had one episode roles in Cybill and Boy Meets World.

She hadn’t been seen on screen for nearly six years, until she appeared in an episode of That’s So Raven in early 2007.

Like I mentioned early, her main focus is her family. In 1996 she married NHL player, Valeri Bure (who she was introduced to by Dave Coulier). They now have three children together. She remains good friends with former co-star Jodie Sweetin, and was the matron of honor at her wedding. Her daughter Natasha was the flower girl.

With her recent role in That’s So Raven, is there a chance that she may be looking at returning to television?

fullhouse_jodie.jpgJodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner)

Stephanie was the middle Tanner daughter. She was the feistiest of the Tanner children, and was always getting into some sort of trouble, but never for anything serious. She was also great at annoying D.J., as well as the other family members.

Prior to Full House, Sweetin was on the famous Mickey Mouse Club, along with Candice Cameron.

Her career after Full House has been almost non-existent. In 1999 she appeared in two episodes of Party of Five. She also appeared in an episode of Yes, Dear, and lent her voice to Bob Saget’s Farce of the Penguins. This year, she appeared as the host of Pants-Off Dance-Off.

She got married in 2002, and her wedding was attended by several Full House cast members. She recently got divorced, so there’s no happy ending there. On February 1, 2006, she appeared on Good Morning America, and talked her about her two year addiction to meth. That’s pretty crazy, and surprised me quite a bit. She’s apparently been sober since March of 2005.

Ok, so her career has never taken off, and she had a serious drug addiction. But well, at least she’s hot.

fullhouse_olsontwins.jpgMary-Kate and Ashley Olson (Michelle Tanner)

Michelle was played by both Mary-Kate and Ashley. Michelle was the youngest of the Tanner kids, and was often the highlight of each episode. She was cute, funny and a very important part of the show’s success, despite her young age.

It’s goes without saying that these two are easily the most successful of the former cast members. In 2003, announced that the twins estimated worth was somewhere around $150 million… each.

Their post-Full House careers have been filled with several made-for-DVD films, which are extremely popular among the preteen group. They also have a successful clothing line that sells at Wal-Mart.

They are two of the most successful child actors of all time, and even two of the most successful entertainers of all time.

Over the past couple years, their public image has changed dramatically. They are constantly being portrayed as skinny, anorexic freaks that dress like bag ladies, and have various substance abuse problems. I guess when you have the kind of money they have, you don’t really worry about tarnishing your image and just do what you want. Unfortunately, they made themselves look about as bad as possible.

Since 2004, neither of them has done much at all as far as acting work goes. In fact, the only acting work either of them has had in the past three years, has been Mary-Kate’s uncredited role in Factory Girl.

Recently, they have been improving their image, and are looking to get back into acting.

It would be very easy for me to say a lot of bad things about them, but how can I? They were producers by age 6, have nearly a half billion dollars in combined worth, and haven’t worked for three years. They have become successful beyond anyone’s expectations, so you have to give credit where credit’s due. If they want to walk around looking like starving Ethiopians wearing clothing meant for the homeless, then let’s let them.

fullhouse_lori-loughlin.jpgLori Loughlin (Rebecca Katsopolis)

Even though she was reluctant to admit it, she eventually falls for Jesse, and they soon after get married. She was an integral part of the show for most of it’s run. She moved into the attic along with Jesse, and eventually they had twins. Full House was really living up to it’s name.

When Full House ended, Loughlin had a starring role along with Tony Danza on Hudson Street. It was cancelled after one season, however. She then went on to appear in several forgettable TV movies over the next few years.

During the 90’s, she landed one-episode roles on Seinfeld and Suddenly Susan. From 2000 on, she made appearances in Spin City, Birds of Prey, The Drew Carey Show, 1-800-Missing and Ghost Whisperer. She also appeared alongside former TV-husband John Stamos, in his show Jake in Progress.

She was reunited, in a sense, with many former Full House cast members by lending her voice to Farce of the Penguins.

In 2004 she landed the starring role in Summerland, which lasted 26 episodes. She currently has a role in the David Arquette show, In Case of Emergency. She also appears alongside Don Johnson in the film, Moondance Alexander, which is to be released this year.

She’s done a lot better for herself than I would have thought.

fullhouse_kimmy.jpgAndrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler)

Kimmy was D.J.’s best friend, and although she originally was meant to have a small role, she eventually became a full time cast member. Kimmy is somewhat of an airhead, and can be an annoyance to several of the other characters. She was very similar to the character of “Urkel” on Family Matters.

Andrea Barber had a few roles here and there, but her role on Full House was her last as an actress. I think it’d be safe to presume she has moved on from acting at this point. Her only television appearance of any kind since Full House ended, was in 2000 on the TV documentary entitled Behind the Walls of Full House.

She got married in 2002, and after the wedding moved to England with her husband so they could attend the University of York. In 2004 she had her first child.

Other Characters…

fullhouse_steve1.jpgScott Weinger (Steve Hale)

At first, Danny became weary of one her daughters dating, as most protective fathers do. Steve was a generally good guy, and eventually became accepted by the Tanner family.

Weinger appeared on 29 episodes of Full House throughout it’s run, from 1991-1995.

Prior to Full House, Weinger provided the voice of “Aladdin” in the extremely popular Disney movie of the same name, as well as in the following sequel and TV shows. He has continued to voice the character in nearly all of it’s appearances.

His acting career outside of voicing Aladdin hasn’t been that successful. He appeared in a 1999 episode of Walker, Texas Ranger in four episodes of What I Like About You, and most recently in a 2006 episode of Scrubs.

fullhouse_twinboys.jpgBlake & Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (Nicky & Alex Katsopolis)

Nicky & Alex were the twin songs of Jesse and Becky. They appeared in 45 episodes from 1992-1995. They were introduced with the hope that they would become as popular as the Olson twins, but of course that never happened.

Neither of the two boys have done any acting work either prior or after Full House. This was intentional, as they both decided to quit acting when the show ended so that they could lead normal lives. They would be 16 years old as of this writing. You can read more about them if you’d like, by checking out their fan website.
Other characters that had roles throughout the films run were…

Vicky Larson (Gail Edwards), who played Danny’s girlfriend over several episodes. She hasn’t appeared in anything noteworthy since the series ended.

Teddy, who appeared in 12 episodes. He was was played by Tahj Mowry, who eventually went on to star as “T.J. Henderson” in The Smart Guy.

We now know what the cast members of Full House are up to these days. Many of the cast managed to pull out something of a career once the show ended, with the Olson twins being far and above the most successful of the bunch. Surprisingly, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin managed to have decent post-Full House careers as well.

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  1. John was 3 times on Broadway,why not mention that?
    Famous by mary a hore like Rebecca now,now.
    What you writing about John is not enough,what about emmy-nominating Beach boys serie,blackie Parrish and all he have bought to ER.

    • that is bad you can get banded for saying that

  2. Leila… Best. Comment. Ever.

  3. Matty…I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I was going to request a Full House update, but I knew I didn’t have to. You are the best. Honestly. So smart and funny and I love the way you write. Do you think there will ever be any cool shows again like the ones from back in the day?

  4. I loved this show….so much like my own dysfunctional family…hahaha
    I do find it really funny how everyone was anticipating the “coming of age” of the Olson twins and they came out a COMPLETE disaster. Good thing they made all that money as kids cause i can’t see them doing anything significant now…lol

  5. Thanks Vanessa!

    I really don’t know if there ever will be shows as good as the ones we grew up on. And if there are, would we even like them now at our “old age”?

    I don’t know how much I could handle watching Joey Gladstone saying “Cut.It.Out” with the hand signals twelve times an episode.

    It seems good sitcoms are a dying breed, though. I’m not really sure if there’s anything on TV that compares to a Full House or a Family Matters. It seems “family friendly” shows like these just aren’t made anymore. At least not ones anywhere near as good as the ones from our childhood.

    Although they are a different type of show (and much less family friendly), I think in ten years we will look back very favorably to shows like Scrubs, The Office and The O.C., and again ask of ourselves why we don’t have great shows like that on TV anymore.

    Either way, I’m very happy to have grown up during the wonderful 80’s and 90’s. 🙂

  6. You guys are kidding, right? This was the worst show in the history of television! I’d sooner dig my own eyes out with an ice cream scoop than watch this show!


    • you are very wrong this is the best show ever to bad it was canceld

  7. Oh no, no, Darren… I am definitely NOT kidding!!! I loved this show. Seriously good TV when you’re 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or whenever it was that I watched it. I don’t know if I would want to say I was any older though…but it wouldn’t surprise me…haha!!

  8. You must be a real stalker to have the time to go snooping through people’s buisness these days. What a loser. ur probably 30 or 40 still living with your mom and have no job. admit it dude. ur a fake. i wouldn’t be talk and dissin if i were u…

    • probably true

  9. And u go vanessa! FULL HOUSE RULES! So don’t start hating it until u can produce a tv show that’s more worth while. Full House was a huge success and u know it, so when are u gonna learn that ur WRONG.

  10. Omg. what a loser. all these people are great actors and ur only what? Jealous. so shut up.

    • that is mean to say

  11. Wow. They have really changed very much. That would be really cool if they could all reunite and do other season together.

  12. I agree with you 100%, Jessica. They have changed sooooooo much, and it would be awesome if another season came out. Can you believe that the person who played Joey lost so much weight? He looked better when he had a little more meat on his bones.

  13. Dear Darren,
    I know that everyone has the right to their own opinion, so here’s mine….
    Go screw your mom!!!!! Full house is an awesome show, and its alot more famous than you’ll ever be. Besides, at least this show has a little humor, which by the looks of it, is something you’ll never have.

  14. I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me who the little asian kid was who played Harry in earlier episodes was. I just thought he was the cutest thing. Does anyone know if he ever did anything else?

  15. Krystal,

    Harry was played by a boy named Nathan Nishiguchi. He appeared in 5 episodes of Full House.

    Prior to Full House, he appeared on episode of a show called Highway To Heaven.

    The only acting work he’s had after Full House was in a TV movie called “Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes” in 1990.

    Nathan would now be 27 years old. Where is he now? Well, this could be him, listed on the page below as the Groom’s brother.


  16. full house still fucking rocks!!

  17. One can’t forget that rumor about Mr. Coulier, that he was supposedly the one Alanis Morissette was targeting in her song You Oughta Know. Oddly enough, Saget was a suspect as well, something I didn’t know.

    A link to the Snopes page concerning it.

  18. I was totally amazed at all of the full house cast the person who i think changed the most is jodie sweeten. i cant believe that she had a drug addiction.
    Kimmy basically looks the same except with bigger body parts and such. Joey looks the same. John Stamos looks a little the same. if you look really hard then you can see the full house characters in them. it almost brought me to tears seeing them on this website thank you matt for taking the time to do this

  19. also can you please put a picture of vicky and teddy

  20. I love this show! Look what happened to these people! some look great! some look down in the dumps! but woooooooooooohw! This is like the best show ever! Can I just say woooooooooooooooooooooooooah! again! And are you just writting about full house or more!? well, Im going to go watch full house now on my t.Vo!

  21. You really need an editor. The possessive of “it” is “its,” not “it’s,” and you wrote “unforgettable” when you clearly meant “forgettable.” Do you even read what you write?

  22. Wow Darren, yuhh have rude comments about these actors and actresses. I hope you’re happy on what you wrote because I know that ALOT of people are mad at you.
    You might want to fix those comments of yours about them because it’s not nessacerry. I think you’re a person with no life ruining others with your discusting comments.

  23. Who wrote this? If you are going to write something informative, leave your opinions out of it. Nobody cares and it just makes your writing immature and annoying. I think perhaps you should be the one to “go away.”

  24. Ok firstly, those losers who are leaving horrible comments about this show, then WHAT THE HELL are you doing on this website!!!! Obviously u like the show if u r spending time looking up websites for it!!!

    Secondly Full House is the best and thank you so much for taking the time to make this website it is awesome, ive always wanted 2 know what happened to all the actors!

  25. Matt you are a great guy dont even listen to them

  26. Wow the have changed alot…that is amazing…

  27. Okay, this is ridiculous. You guys are sitting here dissing a bunch of people, wasting internet space, and being mean and inmature on the whole. Whatever…

  28. I ABSOLUTELLY LOVE FULL HOUSE!! it is like the best show ever!! and thank you Matt for taking the time to do this

  29. it was good, but i kinda agree with cathrine…
    u should leave ur own opinion out of it. but u’ve done ur research:)

  30. I still watch Full House reruns every day. I admired the show and the girls were adorable. I feel that everyone played their parts well. I found Joey (Dave Coulier) to be funny. People now a day’s do not appreciate humor. Joey’s humor kept the family together and laughing. I especially liked Michelle, her very cute antics and Stephanie and DJ all very adorable. You are right; there will never ever be a show as good as this one. This is a show everyone in my family sits to watch with enthusiasm. I wish that there was a full house reunion.

    • me to i love that show more than any show in the world

  31. matt ur obviously jealous of the fact that ppl like dave coulier got paid big money to do a show as fun and simple as full house. the show touched on great real life issues, kimmy’s underage drinking,stephanie driving in a stranger teenage boys car only to be stopped by dj and her friend gia got hurt when she went with out steph,michelle’s accident when riding,steph’s issue with danny after the earthquake. and whose to say joey didnt find true love when the show ended it was left up to the audiences imagination.hey and by shows end danny wasnt married either so whats the big idea ranking on joey? all i can say is all 3 men are stil h.o.t. hot and jodie is smoking hot, who cares if she got a little side tracked with an addiction the point is shes sober now and focused on being a mom.


  33. OMG!! They all look so different!! Nikki and Alex, WOAH!!!!

  34. omg nikki and alex were vute when they were babies but now they are so ugly!! it makes me kinda sad

  35. I saw Full House’s full 8 seasons after at least 10 years and I really feel that an IMDB user said it the best.

    “Mind-numbingly bland but I LOVE it!”

    Kudos, Dan. Good post, have been looking for something like this since a very long time.

  36. Nathan Nishigushi who played Harry is still living in the San Francisco Bay Area and attends Wharton business school. I know this because my brother has classes with him.

  37. Hey OMG this website is sooo old!!!!!!!!!!

  38. they should make new ones w/the same ppl:) that would be wickid awsome!!

    • i know that would be so cool

  39. I don’t know what the negativity is about, nor can I fully support the over enthusiasm of many of these comments. Full House was in fact a wonderful show for what it was intended for: an entertaining show that you always felt safe having the whole family gather around to watch. I remember growing up from the age of like 3-11 watching that show damn near every friday night with my whole family. If you are going to try and bash Joey’s humor or the show overall, it’s probably because you’re a little bit of a motard and aren’t exactly the intended audience. If you’re 35 watching re-runs in your mother’s basement, no I don’t expect you’re going to enjoy yourself. I also wouldn’t expect you to get anything out of sesame street, but it is wonderfully entertaining and educational for young children. The bottom line is I loved it then, and I still watch it every once in awhile for nastalgia sake, and I most definitely have nothing negative to say about it. It is a classic.

  40. well,
    1 – darren i knowww u luv this show just spit it out
    2 – i double heart full house and always will
    3 – john stamos is still hot!
    4 – bob saget scares me…..
    5 – i didnt even know it was steph when i saw jodie’s pic! totally diff
    6 – candace is still coool but she’s like crazy religious now
    7 – marykate and ashley have problems, but i heart them!
    8 – dylan and umm…what’s his name r uuuugly
    9 – becky look the same
    10 – oh yeaaa steve does hav the same voice as ALADIN
    p.s. jasper hale is mine so back off

  41. absolutely loved the show!…, and i know why because of its clean humour and addressing the social issues for its time! i dont care where or how they all are moving forward with there lives, but they sure did set an example about how simple it is to enjoy the life with the ones u love…., Great Show!!!!!

  42. would definetly love to see a reunion of the stars in a modern version of fullhouse, they all look great anyways for there roles,

  43. full house is so cool im 10 in 2009mand i just watched it the seniour prank one so funny and dwayne so cool

  44. Full house has always been my favorite family/comedy t.v. show. i always have time to watch at least one episode every day! It has always had meaning to me, and every episode teaches a lesson. Overall it is an excellent show! P.S. some day i am hoping to meet the cast and crew 🙂

  45. woahh, it’s been a while since I have been on here..ahaha. ive changed A LOT since i wrote that stuff….”bigger body parts and such?” wtf..lmfao. wow. i was in like third or fourth grade when i wrote all that. aha, sorry for my gay comments. ahaha. <333


    Great job by getting all that research and i am very shocked that u dont like joey. joey was very funny. i also think that u shoudn’t say ur bad opinions about these characters, but good job on getting all this infomation.
    thax sir
    ps: u should delete the people that are being rude to you.

  47. what hapend to yhe twens

  48. wow you guys have grown up josh you are all so hansume and beaytiful

  49. I would like to know what happened to the guy who played Rusty on the show? His name was Jordan Christopher Michael. Anybody know? Thanks!

  50. I love watching full house! every one looks sooo different! Hehehehehehe

  51. He!!! i love watching full house!! Everyone looks so much different. If any one watches glee out there jesse from full house is starring next season!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    • me 2 isn’t it so funny.

  52. Personally I liked Jesse and Joey most because I love everything about guitars and I watch Popeye and Loony Tunes everyday on boomerang.

  53. I’m just hear cuz someone told Me Dylan and Cole Sprouse were Alex and Nikki (Jesse & Rebecca’s twin boys) on the show. After much research, I see two sets of twins did play them but they waere not Sprouses. Meanwhile, Full House was a great show. …and why the down on Gail Edwards (Danny’s Girlfriend) “not doing anything noteworthy” (after the show). One of her biggest lead roles before the show was enough …as Dot on “It’s A Living”.

    Super meanwhile, Mary-Kate & Ashley …two of the ugliest babies I’ve ever seen but they were cute character wise. Though, by the end of the show, They’d grown out of the ugly stage.

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