Great Movie Quotes: Transformers

June 20, 2007

transformersquote.jpgThe live-action Transformers movie will be released in exactly two weeks. The “great movie quote” for today will take us back to 1986, and the original animated Transformers movie…

[before their battle]
Megatron: [surprised] Prime.
Optimus Prime: One shall stand, one shall fall.
Megatron: Why throw away your life so recklessly?
Optimus Prime: That’s a question you should ask YOURSELF, Megatron.

That quote comes from what is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It preludes the final battle between the leader of the autobots (good guys) and the leader of the decepticons (bad guys). This battle was years in the making, and ended with my #1 childhood hero being killed. Probably the first time in my life where I really understood how much it hurts when someone you care about dies (I was barely even 5 years old when I saw this movie, so to me, this was a pretty upsetting event).

I cannot wait for July 4th.

> Click Here to read my review of the new Transformers movie!



  1. The new movie is going to kick 111 kinds of ass. Starscream as an F-22? Sign me up. I just hope I can keep myself from spending a small fortune on new Transformers toys, ha.

  2. i’ve watched the movie..totally awesome..

  3. CGI = Great.
    Plot/Dialog = SHIT.

    “The Allspark”, or whatever it was called, is like a central part of the movie, it’s a massive cube that can transform itself into a smaller cube…. amazing. But they don’t give enough background as to what it is or what it’s really capable of. Apparently it’s been around since the beginning of time, and it began life in the universe or something (hence the really creative name given to it), and the Transformers had it for some reason, then lost it for some reason, and have been searching the Galaxy for thousands of years (or whatever) for it, and if Megatron gets his hands on it he can use it to transform all of Earths technology into blood thirsty robots and exterminate the primitive human race…. Why? The Transformers are so mind-bogglingly advanced, and even call the human race primitive in the movie, so what POSSIBLE need could they have for earths primitive technology? In the end, they decide to stay on Earth in hidden form and watch over the humans…. why? Because they’ve already got parts 2 and 3 planned out…. Great. A trilogy of shit.

    Oh, and apparently, simply by copying a more-than-top-secret file from a government computer on to a 2GB flash card also copies the operating system which can be instantly used by inserting it into any laptop. And like all great computer hacking scenes (think Hackers for a moment), all computers interpret files into a swarm of floating symbols complete with sound effects with which the user can navigate by just wildly typing commands and never using a mouse or input boxes.

    Mistakes / General Stupidity:
    At one point in the movie, as the dad is driving his son to the Porsche dealership, you can see the reflection of the camera crew in the window.

    After BumbleBee morphs into the new camaro and is all shiny and new, when he transforms into his robotic form, his face is always all scratched to hell, not shiny and new.

    One of the Autobots, Jazz, actually talks like a gangsta and when he’s first being introduced in the movie, he says “What’s up little bitches?”

    Optiimus Prime actually says “My bad” after crushing a bird bath in Sams yard…

    This movie also had the most blatant product placement/advertisement I’ve ever seen. Peterbuilt, Pontiac, Chevy, GMC, Hummer, Ford, Apple, and I believe Mountain Dew were among the sponsors.

    Apparently, Bumblebee was represented by the Camaro rather than his original VW Beetle form in the movie because Volkswagon didn’t want their product used in a violent (and lame) movie.

    The CGI animations were amazing, but that’s all the movie had going for it. The dialog was so bad that it was funny in places. I rolled my eyes at least 15 times through the movie.

    144 minutes (plus the 4 hours of commercials and previews) of my life that I will never get back.

    2 out of 5 stars, and that’s being generous.

  4. Dan’s review sucks. Movie was awesome..nuff said.

  5. The movie was awesome, although I have to disagree with Dan on some of the advertisements, Ford was not an advertiser, did you notice how they never showed the Ford emblem on the Mustang, General Motors wouldn’t allow it, because of the crap load of money they dumped in it. Peterbilt was also not an advertister, it was just a nice looking truck that made it easy to put the Autobots emblem on it. Overall, I’d say it was a GREAT movie. Great graphics, and the commentary was hillarious.

  6. Wow Dan’s revue really sucks. He obviously didn’t pay attention. And so what if there was product placement. Pepsi co sponsored the damn movie, and it was awesome. So awesome I went and saw it twice, at some points you just either really need to analyze shit or just turn your brain off, like the whole giant robots can’t run faster than a small person, elephant to cheat that simple you need to take into consideration the body mass of the damn robots.

  7. Dan is just trying to sound like a witty critic, catching mistakes and calling it out for, what, being funny? Dan, you’re a moron. The movie was incredible!

  8. Dude, the movie was hands down amazing, simple as that, and yea, if you payed any attention to the beginning you would have understood the importance of the allspark to the transformers. At any rate, I really like what they did with all of the characters just on the basis that it really made them seem a little more believable. I will agree that it didn’t make a lot of sense to have bumblebee staying beat up in robot form even after re-scanning the new camaro. and hell, even the product placement, just made the movie more realistic, I mean when you can really walk around in a large city and not see some advertisement.

    if you want my review.
    4 out of 5 stars, only because I think there were some aspects that they could have and should have touched more upon. other than that, amazing movie, and probably the best I’ve seen all year.

  9. this film was awsome ive been 2 see it 3 times now and ive boughed it on copy, its so funy when his mom thinks he has been masturbating haha

  10. also, dan is an idiot, huever thincks this film sucks needs 2 pay more attention and hace his head examind, also megan fox is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dan, you have proven to everyone reading this that you a tool. Well done.

  12. DAN i swear if i ever met you i might just want to kill you. come on. your picking on the camera crew when some mess ups in movies are ridiculous,i mean everyone knows its filmed get over it. better yet get over yourself. this movie was amazing. i have seen it at least 10 times. i saw it in theaters and got it the day it came out and its a bitchin 5 out of 5 stars! no joke is amazing they way they transform and if you listen you learn everything you need to know, unless you are utterly retarded come on. Its a shit load of power why else wouldn’t megatron want it come on whats so hard to understand. Yea they are 10239874 more times advanced ovbviously if the allspark has been around for so long so have they if they lost it. come on guys think. and when bumblebee transforms after becoming the new camaro hes is nicer the only time you see him is when they are outside his house and you cant tell then they immediatly after that he gets scratched again. oh my so they dont scratch the car up afterwords big whoop you think that makes a movie bad you need to pay attention to the movie and not everymistake there can be. this is by far the best movie i have seen all year and dare to dissagree i will hunt you dowwnnnn

    by the way jazz is the coolest ever.
    peace bitchesss

  13. lol to krista! thank you for your comment, and i totally agree with you!! 😀
    it was an awsome movie! 🙂 at first i thought it was gonna suck but then when i watched it, i was amazed! all those robots and actions! it was really great! i could rewatch over and over again! xD
    what is your favorite quote in the movie??
    jazz is soooo funny! making him talk like a gangsta is a way to make people identify themselves to a character.

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