Who was the real star of Knocked Up?

June 22, 2007


I really enjoyed Knocked Up, which you would have already known if you had read my Review about a week back.Writer/Director Judd Apatow is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and I’m anxiously awaiting his next project.

I have been a huge fan of Katherine Heigl for a while now, but surprisingly Knocked Up was the first movie I had ever seen her in. I had, of course, watched the first two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy so I was familiar with her work before seeing Knocked Up.

Seth Rogan is absolutely hilarious, and I think he could be one of the biggest up-and-coming young comedy stars around. He fits the “lovable loser” role to a tee.

However, saying all of that, one of the people that was the biggest scene stealer for me was Leslie Mann. She played “Debbie”, Heigl’s sister in the film. She was absolutely perfect in her role as the somewhat psychotic, but loving mother and wife in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

If anyone can play the perfect late-30’s nut job, it’s Leslie Mann.

You may also recognize her from some of her previous comedy roles in films such as The Cable Guy, She’s the One, George of the Jungle, Big Daddy, Orange County, Stealing Harvard and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

A note of interest is that her husband is Knocked Up Director Judd Apatow, and her two real life children played her kids in the film.

You can see her next in Drillbit Taylor, a film co-written by her Knocked Up co-star, Seth Rogan. It’s about two kids who hire a low-budget bodyguard to protect them from bully’s on the playground. The film also stars Owen Wilson.

I hope we see her in more films in the future. I find her absolutely hilarious, and I hope she starts to get the credit (and roles) she deserves.


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