Movie Review: The Holiday

June 29, 2007


Last night I watched and thoroughly enjoyed The Holiday.  You might not hear many 25 year old guys admit that, as it would probably be categorized under “chick flick” or “romantic dramedy”.The Holiday has a great cast, and an interesting story. It’s basically two films in one, following stories on opposite sides of the world.

The film is about two women who are stressed out thanks to their troubled relationships, and decide to switch houses for a few weeks. One lives in LA, one in England. They’ve never met, but both are in desperate need of some new scenery, and make the unlikely switch.

The women are played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, who both do an incredible job. Iris (Winslet) is a newspaper columnist, and after failing to get over her ex, moves in to Amanda’s (Diaz) beautiful LA home. She goes on to meet more than a few very interesting people that help keep her mind off the problems at home.

Amanda (Diaz) moves into Iris’ small England cottage. She recently broke up with her boyfriend (played by Edward Burns), and was looking to get away from the busy lifestyle she has. She happens to meet Iris’s brother, played by Jude Law. Even though the last thing she wanted was to meet a man, it’s obvious they are destined for some sort of relationship.

Like I mentioned, both stories basically feel like two different movies. I found myself a lot more interesting in the story surrounding Diaz’s character, but that’s not to say the other story wasn’t interesting.

Jack Black also appears in the film. I would definitely say Law was the stand-out of the movie. I loved his character, and he did an excellent job. It was nice to see Jack Black in a role that was more laid back, and I did enjoy it, but he didn’t have quite as much screen time as the other actors. It never really seemed like we got to know his character.

Women will love this movie, and guys… as much as you’ll want to act like you’re not interested, give the film a chance. It’s an enjoyable romantic movie, and one that she will love and that you won’t be entirely bored of.

My Rating: 7.5/10


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