Movie Review: Transformers

July 5, 2007


After waiting for the Transformers live-action film for over twenty years, I was finally able to watch it this past Tuesday. I’ve been looking forward to the film since before it was even considered, and especially since it was announced three years ago.

I had huge expectations going into the movie, but also had my reservations. I had this awful feeling, that somehow, someway, they would find a way to ruin my dream. Well, after leaving the theater, I was very happy to say they didn’t.

I am extremely impressed with how the whole film came together. It was as advertised; a grand, special effects extravaganza with a good story, good characters, and it was just an overall enjoyable experience.

The acting was much better than you’d expect in a film like this, and I am liking Shia LaBeouf more and more with every film I see him in. Megan Fox performed way beyond my expectations, and the rest of the cast did an admirable job as well.

The stars of the film were easily the Transformers themselves. The special effects were absolutely mind-blowing. I will go out and say they were the best I’ve ever seen in any film. Of course, I am pretty biased, but the fight scenes and transformations were so incredibly cool and jaw-dropping.

Some of the dialog was silly, and a little goofy at times, and that was the one thing I’d change about the film if I could. However, saying that, I can understand their reasons for doing it. They wanted this film to appeal to kids as well as adults that were fans of the cartoon, and adding somewhat childish dialog here and there helps appease the youngsters in the crowd.

It was great to hear Peter Cullen’s voice again (he voices Optimus Prime), and he did a great job reprising his most beloved role. I liked how they paid homage to the original cartoon and movie, by both including quotes as well as a few other little things here and there to give a nod to the hardcore fans.

Some people may be reluctant to see Transformers, as they might think that because they never watched or cared about the show as a kid, they wouldn’t enjoy it now. I don’t think that’s true at all, as they made the film one that anyone could enjoy. You do not need any prior knowledge of Transformers to understand or enjoy this movie, and I highly suggest that anyone who appreciates a great, all-out action film see Transformers.

I am a hardcore fan, and even though I had huge expectations, the film lived up to them entirely. Everyone should check out this film, and if possible, in theaters, as it’s one hell of a great time.

My Rating: 10/10 (how could I give it anything less?)



  1. wow I had my reservations with the whole michael bay thing and the trailer did not really get me. After reading your review I may just go out and see it since I loved the cartoon.

  2. Micheal Bay did a great job on this flick. Easily the best movie of the summer (my favorite for the last few actually). The special effects are seamless. Shia does a great job as well.

  3. Matt Gunn speaks the truth.

  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. I had a great time as well. It was such non-stop roller coater ride!

  5. agree totally

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