Movie Review: Domino

July 6, 2007


When I first saw a trailer for Domino, I was pumped. It looked like a very cool movie, and I really enjoy Tony Scott’s type of directing.

Somehow, it took me until now to see it.

The film is about the life story of Domino Harvey, a Ford model turned bounty hunter. It’s based on her life, but the story told is not necessarily true, nor does it try to portray itself as a true story. Yes, Domino Harvey existed, and was a bounty hunter, but no she did not kidnap part of the cast of 90210.

Tony Scott took some “artistic liberties” with his film, which turned out to be great, as it became part satire, part action film, part true story. I love his direction, with the unique film colors, quick snaps from scene to scene, great music, and gritty feel.

Domino is not one of his best pieces of work, but it’s an entertaining film none-the-less. It’s much more confusing than it needed to be, and the story becomes somewhat jumbled, but overall I enjoyed this movie.

Keira Knightley did a great job portraying Domino, and I liked the sassy, badass-chick attitude she brought to the film. Mickey Rourke was great as Domino’s boss, Ed, and this role suited him perfectly. Delroy Lindo, Mo’Nique, Macy Gray and Lucy Liu also make appearances.

If you liked Deja Vu or Smokin’ Aces, this film has a similar feel, and I think you would like it as well. It’s a fast-paced, bad ass, shoot ’em up film, and if that sounds like your type of movie, check out Domino.

My Rating: 7.5/10



  1. I don’t get the Keira Knightly love, quite honestly. She’s basically a very pale and frail lesser imitation of Natalie Portman.

  2. I feel the same way, but I was impressed with her in Domino.

  3. She’s hot and she can act. She can play athletic and babe type personalities. She has a good range that way. Portman is the better actress but Kiera fits right into the hollywood action mold as the non-helpless heroine.

  4. Athletic??

    No, Jessica Biel is ATHLETIC. Keira Knightly would break her wrist attempting a push-up.

    I know Hollywood wants you to think of Keira as an action star, but she’s really just a model in heroine’s clothing

    (end rant)

  5. I agree, I wouldn’t in any way call Keira “athletic”.

    She is absolutely nothing next to Natalie Portman, but still, I was impressed with Keira’s work in Domino. Then again, I expect her to do nothing but fail, so maybe I didn’t have the highest expectations.

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