Movie Review: Mini’s First Time

July 6, 2007

minisfirsttime_review.jpgThis past weekend I discovered a little-known gem called, Mini’s First Time. After really enjoying her work in Thirteen, I was anticipating Nikki Reed’s next piece of work. It comes in the form of another sexually driven film, where she plays a rebellious young girl.

Mini’s (Reed) mother is a failed actress that has manages to marry a very rich man named Martin, played by the incredibly wonderful Alec Baldwin. Mini is in grade 12, and growing up with her drugged-out Mother (Carrie-Anne Moss) has caused her to want to do whatever possible to rebel, in hopes of actually getting some attention from her emotionally-absent Mom.

The acting was simply great in the film. As much as I enjoyed Reed and Baldwin, who were perfectly cast, I think the stand-out was Carrie-Anne Moss, of Matrix fame. She was absolutely hilarious in her out of control role, and she really impressed me. I’ve never been a fan of hers, but seeing her in this role has changed my opinion of her.

There are also appearances from Luke Wilson, Jeff Goldblum and Rick Fox.

The film’s tagline, “Sex. Murder. Blackmail. There’s a first time for everything”, is a perfect way to describe the film. It’s an incredibly fun dark-comedy. I’m surprised I haven’t heard much about it, as it had a pretty big-name cast, and it’s a great little film.

My Rating: 8/10


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