The ‘KidSafe’ USB key

July 6, 2007

kidsafe1.jpgThis is a pretty interesting new way to block your kids from having internet access on the computer:

Computer geeks and white-hat hackers in the UK developed the KidSafe Parental Control Key to help lock down computer access in the easiest and most secure way possible. Each key is unique and cannot be duplicated. When inserted, they key allows your computer to boot and access the internet. When removed, the computer is locked tight, and unusable.

Kids today are smart, and can get around Windows passwords, and Internet filtering programs pretty easily. Proxies and workarounds exist for even the most draconian firewalls, but the KidSafe key protects your computer and your kids with a physical key. It’s stronger, more reliable, and more convenient than passwords. It can’t be uninstalled or worked around – even by booting to safe-mode. They’ve even got processes to keep your computer from booting to a live CD or other boot device.

Pretty smart new way to keep them off the net… unless the kid looks at the back of the computer and sees the bright purple stick that says “kidsafe” on it. Like it says above, “kids today are smart”, and they’d probably figure this out sooner or later. Still, for the real young ones, I think this could be a great product. We’ve all heard the stories of the little five old girl searching for “pony”, and getting some pretty inappropriate results.

You can buy it here, for $59.99 USD.


One comment

  1. Hi,
    I am one of the KidSafe parental control software and secure usb key inventors. The idea works like this – you have to have the kidsafe key in the usb port to use the computer, take the key out and put it into your pocket and the computer is locked, just like the keys to your car really. It helps shift the balance of control back in favour of the parents. Sometimes the kids can run rings around them with technology stuff. We don’t want to stop them using the internet but sometimes you can have to much of a good thing and a little control may be in order. It really works if the kids are using the computer in the middle of the night or surfing on next doors wifi connection when they should be sleeping or doing something more constructive than chatting on msn all day.

    best regards,
    St.john Goldfinger
    One of the Kidsafe inventors.

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