Popples… Throw them at your siblings!

July 13, 2007

popples.jpgI don’t know what caused me to remember these, but somehow they popped into my mind this morning. Popples… I haven’t thought of them since I was about 6 years old, yet still I remember them. They began as a TV show that ran from 1986-87, and quickly became popular toys.

Popples were brightly colored stuff animals, and resembled teddy bears in a way. They had pouches in their backs, and you could invert them so the Popples actually went inside the pouch and became a ball. I think what I liked best about these toys, was I could make it into a ball and throw them at my sister.

I know me and my sis each had one, or maybe they were both hers… I can’t really remember. My only real memories involved us playing “throw the Popple”. One of us would stand on the couch, and the other person would chuck Popples at them. Having your little sister agree to let you throw things at her? What an awesome game.

The Popples in the TV show were quite the trouble makers. The kids in the show tried to keep them a secret, but the Popples always came along and messed things up. When the kids tried to clean their room, the Popples would come along and make it a mess. Thinking about it now, why the hell did the kids want to keep Popples around? They seemed more trouble than they were worth.

The Popples cartoon series has been released on DVD in the UK, but has yet to see a North American release.

Check out this original Popples commercial:



  1. Check out the DVD “Girls Rule, Vol. 2.” (You can find it on Amazon or Ebay.) Through it, I was introduces to the Popples; there are three episodes of Popples on it. It seems to be the only Region 1 DVD of Popples I can find!

  2. Popples were toys first, then the TV show. The toys came out about March of 1986, and the TV show that September.

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