The Richest Companies in the World

July 13, 2007

walmartemployee.jpgFortune 500 recently released the list of the top 100 most profitable companies in the world.

Wal-Mart came in at number one on the list, which doesn’t surprise me. Six of the top 10 are oil companies, which of course makes the whole gas price situation ridiculous.

Motor vehicle companies, General Motors, Toyota and Chrysler also came in the top 10.

Hyundai and Fiat come in ahead of BMW, which seems ridiculous.

Other familiar names are Home Depot (44th), Samsung (46th), Hitachi (48th), Nestle (56th), Sony (69th), Boeing (87th), Costco (94th) and Target (96th).

Interesting to note is that Samsung seems to be the top ranked electronics manufacturer. I would have assumed that spot would have been held by Sony.

Click here to read the entire top 100.



  1. 1. Sony sucks…they treat their customers like crap and completely overprice their products (especially PS3).

    2. The Oil/Auto companies work together to ensure they remain at the top. Why do you think that we’re stick with the same combustible technology after a century? The oil and auto companies all have a stake in these ‘scientific organizations’ that claim climate change doesn’t exist. It’s in their interest to suppress alternative fuels.

    3. Samsung – I believe they have a lot of different brands… Sony is always Sony, right?

    4. BMW is a luxury car. Of course the standard brands will come out ahead.

    All of these corporations are a black shade of evil. Wealth is a poison.

  2. isnt there ne indian company

  3. i thought is microsoft company

  4. ithought is oil company

  5. oh wow, i used to think cocacola was the richest company in the world…hmmm interesting

  6. you have a vision with pride keep up with it.

  7. i want to join i am a guy and i have a talent so there is no one too help,and i am from africa nigeria.

  8. Sony is best electronic company i have ever seen as their product’s donot get spoilt early.

  9. Ps3 isn’t overpriced for what it has to offer, it’s overpriced to you. Do the knowledge before you do the wisdom idiot.

  10. TATA is huge and doing very well.

  11. Who is richer, GUINESS or NOKIA?
    ray ray Ortega

  12. microsoft may rule the world but tata wins the heart……

  13. reliance will be the most richest company in the world

  14. the foundation to be great in life depend on once effort,knowledge,wisdom and vision so if any body find a means of being so,then he deserve it>in all search for wisdom hence your aspiration will become limited to what you see,know,here and expect.

  15. don’t ever give up,forward and see what will come out of you on your new resolution to be great in life.

  16. I thought Heineken breweries would be on the list

  17. Half of the companies in the top 10 list will be from india within a few yrs

  18. I just wanna work in the richest company in the world. i am a Systems Administrator in Kenya.

  19. woo is woo

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