Review: Planet Earth (on HD-DVD)

July 18, 2007

planetearth_hddvd.jpgI love documentaries, and when I heard that BBC was releasing this massive 11-part series about our planet Earth on HD-DVD, I knew I had to see it. This series is the perfect of example of how to get the most out your HD-DVD player.

The one word I would use to describe this series is “beautiful”. It is quite simply, the most beautiful piece of work I have ever seen on screen, and I was constantly in awe while watching this series.

Not only is it beautiful, but it is highly entertaining and informative as well.

The series comes in 11 parts, and each part (besides the first one) deals on a specific topic.

The first part is almost like a summary, or preview rather, of what you’ll see in the rest of the episodes. It’s entitled, “Coast-to-Coast”, and was probably my favorite episode of the bunch. It didn’t get into a lot of detail, but it covered a ton of ground, and although at times it kinda jumped all over the place, it remained highly entertaining. It featured a ton of animals, which was always the best part of the series

Nearly every episode was incredibly enjoyable, entertaining and interesting. I learned a ton about our Planet during this series. The only episode that didn’t hold up to the others was the one entitled “Caves”, but considering the quality of this series, that says more about how great this show was, not that Caves was a bad episode.

Fresh Water, Shallow Seas and Ocean Deep were about as good as you get when it comes to underwater documentaries. Shallow Seas was my favorite of the three, as most underwater life seems to be found during that part of the Ocean. Ocean Deep was filled with some unique creatures I have neither heard or seen of before.

I am an animal lover, and this is without a doubt the best animal-related series I have ever seen. The series covers animals from all types of landscapes. You’ll see at least something about nearly every animal you can think of. From Polar Bears to Wolves to Lions to Elephants, nearly every interesting animal is covered.

You will also be introduced to some truly remarkable and unique creatures as well.

I cannot say enough about this series. If you’ve considered upgrading to an HD-DVD player, I highly suggest using this series as the perfect excuse to do so. It is available in regular DVD-format, but it will pale in comparison to the HD version.

So, in summary, Planet Earth is about as must-see as must-see gets. Even if you don’t like documentaries, I’m sure you will find this series incredibly entertaining and interesting. You will learn a lot about the planet you call home, and be entertained by amazing parts of our planet that you are unlikely to ever see elsewhere.

My Rating: 10/10



  1. So pumped to see this series…i’ve seen some previews for it and was upset they only aired each episode once.

  2. Easily the coolest thing I have ever seen. God always outdoes man when it comes to movies. Nature…so.

  3. It is great. It’s also still being shown on PBS (and I think on CBC) Not high-def, but still beautiful, informative and entertaining. I thought the episode on deserts was fascinating.

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