Bacon Ice Cream? WTFBBQ!?!

July 19, 2007

baconicecream.jpgI’m all for those 101 flavors of ice cream shops, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

From WashingtonPost.comForget that “I scream, you scream” nonsense. A block from Rehoboth Beach’s grainy sands and churning waves, where beachgoers are baking on a Tuesday afternoon in a 95-degree swelter, Udder Delight Ice Cream House is busy scooping ice cream flavors so outlandish it makes some of its chill-seekers scream, all right.

“Uh, it tastes a little too much like barbecue,” says bikini-topped Franny Linus, 25, staring at a creamy beige concoction on a plastic spoon. She grimaces the way people do when sizing up something really weird.

The cooler at Udder Delight in Rehoboth Beach contains some of owner Chip Hearn’s unusual ice cream flavors, including bacon and barbecue.

On a day trip from Bear, Del., Linus and her friend Leigh Ann McDonough, 24, flip-flopped into the otherwise old-fashioned ice cream parlor thinking icy-cold mango smoothies. But Udder Delight owner Chip Hearn steered them to an impromptu taste test of his newest creations — one of which may be the world’s first barbecue-flavored ice cream. The other test flavors: a chunky bacon ice cream and a pale-red Cackalacky Spice Sauce ice cream.

Linus licks the bacon ice cream. “Not bad,” she says. But she’s not big on the frozen bits of bacon. McDonough thinks it tastes a little like butter pecan and kind of likes it.

Like most people, I love Ice Cream. I also love Bacon. Yet, these two wonderful foods should be kept apart as far as I’m concerned.

What’s next? The French Fry ‘n Ketchup Ice Cream? The Pickle and Apple Smoothie?

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One comment

  1. That is just plain sick. Another gross combination is a teacher helper for my class in grade six put jam on her kraft dinner. Discusting.

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