Waterproof Playing Cards

July 19, 2007

waterproofcards.jpgAnyone who’s ever had a party could use a set of these.

Waterproof playing cards. So simple, yet such a great idea.

I can’t remember how many decks of cards we’ve had ruined thanks to some spilly game players. It’s pretty common to drink while playing card games… hell, it just doesn’t seem right to play a hand of poker without a drink by your side.

Pretty much the only card games I play are drinking games. These games always end up with drinks being spilled everywhere, so I think a set of these cards would come in handy.

If you’re interested, you can pick a set up at Umbra.com for $9 CDN.


One comment

  1. I had a set of clear plastic cards like that once, and they get really hard to rad through the transparencies if you’ve been drinking…

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