The best thing Pepsi has ever done?

July 26, 2007

dietpepsijazzcaramelcream.jpgI don’t like pop or soda or whatever you want to call it. I’ve never really cared for carbonated beverages, and I can’t remember the last time I chose to sit back and enjoy a Pepsi or Coke. I just don’t like the taste. Well, unless of course it’s mixed about 50/50 with some Bacardi Gold or whatever type of alcohol may be within reach.

It seems all of America is addicted to (what they refer to as) soda, and I’ve never quite got the addiction. It makes your teeth feel weird, it doesn’t really taste all that great at all, and it isn’t good for you whatsoever.

However, saying all of this, today I did something I don’t ever remember doing before. I bought a 12-pack of pop (I’m canadian, deal with it), and it wasn’t to mix with my current alcohol of choice.

Pepsi is the first to mix what is my one sweet-tooth weakness with their cola… they made a caramel flavored pop. I love caramel. I don’t care what you mix it with, I will eat it. Caramel and banana? Done. Caramel and apples? You know it. Caramel and chicken? Yeah I probably would.

So, caramel and Pepsi? Well, it’s a match made in heaven. I am currently on my 4th can of the evening. Well, sort of.

You know I just had to see what it would taste like mixed with the amazing Bacardi Gold.

Either way, Pepsi you have done something no other carbonated beverage company has done before, and that’s made me enjoy a simple, plain can of pop.



  1. You bringing some of that upto the cabin?

  2. I will have to buy a case and bring it up

  3. How about Vanilla Coke? The prime flavouring ingredient was actually CARAMEL! and it certainly had a caramelly taste to it

  4. That’s actually pretty true, and I did somewhat like Vanilla

  5. We say pop in Pittsburgh too…

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